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8K mod for textures improves all caves of the game –

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Blender Animator, the popular celebrity, has released a new one 8K texture pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the role-playing game Bethesda that was released over a decade ago. This package is all about improving the texture of caves, in which players spend a lot of time.

It has been determined that this package of 8K texture May not be compatible with other HD texture packs. In theory, it shouldn’t cause any problems with those packs that don’t include the Skyrim cave texture, but there may be compatibility issues that haven’t been verified by the creators as a mod.

These 8K textures are compatible with Skyrim Legacy Edition And Skyrim Special Edition: You can find both versions at the links just indicated. Below are two images that show the quality of the new Bethesda game textures.

If you are looking for modern More specifically and you are a fan of both Skyrim and Oblivion, we recommend the ambitious Skyblivion mode that appears in another 15 minutes of the video.

Finally, we also point out another interesting curiosity: Skyrim’s skeletons now have a face thanks to a face reconstruction from Ancestral Whispers.

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