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Will Teramo be confirmed as a whole? – Iconios website

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Teramo – Happy that Alfonso is a professional footballer PepperAlthough it wasn’t his first hair, he would (sooner or later) end his competitive career in the city that witnessed his birth and becoming a man, for several good reasons: before It is exclusively about the player, who is still very fit in all respects and has a physical condition that allows him to do so during second He rewards his professional seriousness, and is a true example to others within the confines of the locker room. Pepe really has the wonderful flavor of the right man in the right society.

Having said that, we hope that confirmations will arrive soon from other people from Teramo who have deserved it in areas of excellence in Abruzzo, from Stefano Digidio To Emmanuel Ferraioliby Roberto Forlan For David green onion.

“We don’t venture into anything different.”Not termani“And who also deserve the red and white shirt Series D In the detailed report Quality / Performance / Lifespan (Christian change meNohan Pun And Nicola Fanzan), but must be preceded by confirmations on the Teramo block. All fellow citizens will be confirmed?

We don’t think so strongly And not because of the specific wishes of the parties, but because, as always happens at the beginning of a new football season, other aspects will come into consideration: payment first and foremost, and the nature of the contract (Annual or not) and more.

Only by adding these elements will the final result appear. If someone says:I took some time to think about it carefully.“, some negative thoughts will start to appear.

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