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“I’ve never tried to put anyone in a bad light”

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Sully confronts David about the behavior of some of Big Brother’s rivals, Phip.

just missing A new episode of Big Brother VIPwho will go Tonight, Thursday, March 3, 2022, it was broadcast on Canal 5 will be full of turns. While waiting at home, Solly Sorge allowed herself to have a blast with David Silvestri about the ambiguous behavior Hired by some of their playmates.

Soleil outburst rises in Gf Vip

A few hours after the new episode of big brother vipAnd the Soleil He decided to unleash the steam with David to expose him Deep resentment toward other competitors from home. “You should also think about your own actions. What have you done to others?” The actor said provoke the reaction of the influencer “My sanity you’re right, but I feel bad inside of it. How can you separate the human part from the game”.

“It’s called professional. In life you should have healthy selfishness because other than that when you’re a little weak people eat you. Do you know real people when you see them? When they attack you. Never expect anything.” replied immediately Silvestri trying to console he goes up “Not only the best but also the worst”.

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After listening to me Advice from DavidAnd the Soleil He said: “Here my resolve has always been to myself, I have never tried to put another person in a bad light. I have a straightforward way of saying things, but I do it for your good for nothing else. I have shown many of my faults, but I have never tried to overthrow anyone. I am not stupid, but I should be smarter”.

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