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Exclusive offers for new subscribers to you in October 2022 –

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Amazon announced the arrival of a short period of “Exclusive Prime OffersThis is a new two-day shopping event also available in Italy, and only Prime customers will be able to access it. Offer days are 11 and 12 October 2022starting at midnight.

The best thing to do next is Put the products you want on the list right away on me Amazon Now, so you can immediately see which offers have been activated during the exclusive period for Prime subscribers.

there Amazon official communication It states: “Amazon Prime customers will be able to usher in the Christmas shopping season with hundreds of thousands of offers. The new 48-hour event gives Prime customers early access to Christmas offers from top brands, such as Samsung and Miele, and the ability to purchase a selection of From products from Oral-B, iRobot, GHD, and many more. Offers will be available in a variety of categories, including electronics, fashion, home and kitchen, pets, toys, and Amazon devices.”

“At Amazon, we are always looking for new ideas to deliver more value to our Prime customers, and Prime Exclusive offers are another opportunity to give our customers access to great savings on products from the brands they love most,” he said. Claudio MarchesAmazon Prime EU Product Manager. From home care to fashion, including cosmetics and electronics, Prime customers will be able to find a wide range of offers and, once again, have access to only the best in shopping.

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