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Ukraine, London: “Moscow men are already in the country.” European Union: “We are ready to impose severe sanctions.” The United States: “We will strike the export of raw materials”

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with forces flies Always ready to conquer the lands that are still in the hands Kiev, To threaten harsh retaliation today Brusselswith the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who speaks of “maximum support” in case the security situation deteriorates: “A substantial exchange tonight with partners and allies on the situation in Ukraine – he wrote in a tweet after the video conference in which they, among other things, also participated in BidenAnd my biker e Stoltenberg – We share ratings and We prepare for all possibilities If diplomacy fails. Penalties In the event of another Russian aggression Ukraine support“. During the Minister of Defense of Kiev Alexey Reznikov He says there is no one at the moment Real threat of invasion British Under Secretary of Defense, Russian, James Hebby, argues that “a significant number of individuals are believed to be associated with advanced Russian military operations.” I am currently in Ukraine“.

In the event of an invasion, however, from Brussels e Washington They declare that they are ready to impose harsh punishments against Moscow. “There is strong unity between Member States and our international partners with a determination to prepare – the EU Commission spokesperson explained – the work is very advanced to be able to implement Strong deterrent and powerful actions If the dialogue fails. If it embarks on future violations of Ukrainian territorial sovereignty or aggression, we will respond very forcefully, there will be strong political consequences and the aggressor will incur heavy economic costs.” And they declared from the Biden administration that the beating would be above all Export of raw materials, with calculated damage to Moscow approx 50 billion dollars.

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According to Reznikov, at the moment there is “Risky Scenarios, possible in terms of probability in the future, but for now Such a threat does not exist. So far, the Russian armed forces have not created offensive units that show their readiness to attack tomorrow. ”There is still time for diplomacy and the next attempt will be made by the French president. Emmanuel MacronHe also considered that France is the current president of the European Union, with whom he will meet “before the end of the week.” Russian President Vladimir PutinAs a Kremlin spokesperson said, Dmitriy PeskovThe day after yesterday, the President of the Elysee said he wanted to present a series of proposals to Moscow and Kiev to encourage de-escalation. Meanwhile, Russia started Tank exercises in Crimea, as announced by the fleet black sea.

a BrusselsHowever, diplomatic words are not used: we are walking the path of dialogue, but firmly. Share leaders assess the severity of the situation. They want Diplomacy’s success, but they are preparing for all eventualities,” reads a note after the meeting, which was also attended by Biden and Macron, SchulzDraghi, Polish President Andre DudaAnd Boris JohnsonPresident of the European Council Charles Michel and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. President von der Leyen reiterated the EU’s strong support for Ukraine, which includes the announcement of a A new support package of 1.2 billion euros In the form of an emergency financial aid package and 120 million euros in additional grants. UNHCR and SEA work on a wide range of Sectoral and individual penalties In the event of further military aggression by Russia against Ukraine.”

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So the strategy is that deterrence, as also emphasized by White HouseThe leaders also discussed their joint efforts to discourage further Russian aggression against Ukraine, including preparations to impose dire consequences and heavy economic costs on Russia as well as to enhance security on NATO’s eastern flank. The President had a video call with European leaders. They reiterated their concerns about the strengthening of Russian military forces on the border with Ukraine, and expressed their support for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The line was also confirmed by the Undersecretary to the Prime Minister with the delegation of European Union Affairs, Enzo AmendolaRussia’s escalation of Ukraine’s borders is one Every European’s security challenge. In support of Ukrainian sovereignty, the European Union is united. Dialogue and negotiation are always possible, but they are ready with allies for an appropriate joint response, if diplomacy is not enough.”

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