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“Biden and the left respect Trump supporters” –

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“Democrats.” And they should have more respect for Trump's Republican voters. We call them “MAGA people” and attribute to them the same personality as Trump. They risk compromising Biden's re-election. Let's be honest, sometimes the former president also did the right things: on the economy, on NATO, on immigration, on China. Business tax reform worked. “A lot of people vote for him for that reason.”

Starting in the snow of Davos as he participates in the World Economic Forum, the words of the Chairman of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Damon, They are falling like a cannon shot on the Democratic election campaign. Because the warning is directed specifically to the president, who, due to the ineffectiveness of his slogans, led to the success of the elections Bioeconomicsthe path has been changed by setting His fight to defend democracy Trump and the Republicans define MAGA (those who identify with his famous slogan “Make America Great Again”) as an existential threat to the future of democratic America.

And why Damon, besides being The most powerful and longest serving banker in the United States (He has led the largest trust for 19 years.) He is also a democracy sympathizer In 2018, it seemed for a moment that he wanted to run against Trump (“I can beat him, I'm better than him,” he said publicly, but a few hours later he retracted that statement.) He often funded left-wing candidates. He has criticized Trump and, just a month ago, called Republican and even Democratic donors, including liberals, to a meeting. To support Nikki HaleyWhich he publicly described as a better option than Trump.

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Why this sudden change of course? While right-wing commentators gloat, left-wing commentators are divided. Some agree: They share the fear that Biden will do just that The same mistake Hillary Clinton made in 2016 When he defined Trump voters as a “basket of deplorables,” it could be translated as “a mass of miserable people.” That was probably the moment she lost the presidential election – Pressure and expand Trump’s voter base, Angry at being described with insulting words.

As for the others, Damon is simply that A filthy rich banker (Even a billionaire) and an opportunist who felt the wind: he got it Trump no longer has any competitors on the right, as he sees Biden's weaknesses He is preparing to work with the presidency of a new republic.

There is some truth to both theses: Dimon, the head of a financial institution whose clients are likely to be mostly conservatives, It must be practical He said it bluntly in Davos: to those who asked him which president would be the best for his job, he said he was prepared to cooperate with both candidates. Concrete to the point of being unscrupulous: A mindset that may come from the immigrant's genetic heritage. His grandfather, a banker in Smyrna and Athens, immigrated to the United States when things got bad Where he changed his surname Papademetriou to Damon, Because the Americans were wary of Greek immigration (but there is another version with an emotional background: he fell in love with a French girl and chose a nickname that sounded good in that language).

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Aside from the businessman's pragmatism (and here it should be noted that while having to criticize Trump's foreign policy, Damon chose to direct his cruelty to Mexico(Not his stance on Putin and Ukraine but his touting of his conflicted relationship with NATO), what remains of his message is a call not to be associated with conservative America, the one that lives outside the big cities, the simplistic and misleading labels such as the “Bible, beer and guns” nation.

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