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Henry Cavill leaves The Witcher: in his place comes Liam Hemsworth | Television

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With strengthening the bonds between Henry CavillSuperman and the DC Comics Universe have suddenly failed with those who have the magicianThe popular Netflix series.

Through a commissioned post on Instagram, Henry Cavill revealed that starting in season four, Liam Hemsworth will take on the role of Geralt from Rivia.

In the accompanying text, he writes:

Some news to share from the continent…

My journey as Geralt of Rivia has been full of monsters and adventures, but alas, I’ll be giving up my medal and sword for season 4. In my place would be the gorgeous Liam Hemsworth dressed in the cloak of a white wolf. As it happens with great characters in literature, I pass on my hobby with respect for the time I spent impersonating Geralt and with enthusiasm to see the bits and nuances that Liam would give to this wonderful character.

Hussam, this character has a wonderful depth: have fun delving into it to discover what you can find there.

Here’s also Hemsworth’s answer:

As a fan of The Witcher, I had the chance to play Geralt of Rivia. Henry Cavill was Geralt’s incredible character, and it is an honor to receive from him the wand and permission to collect the White Wolf’s weapons for the next chapter of his adventure.

Henry, I’ve been a fan of you for years and have been inspired by what you’ve done with this lovable character. It will be hard to take your place, but I am really excited to join the world of The Witcher.

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source: Henry Cavill Instagram

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