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Stock market recommendations: buy today from Azimut to Telecom Italia

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Buy Banca Akros Coin:

azimuth with target price From 26 EUR (A subsidiary of the United States sanctuary wealth entered into a binding agreement with Kennedy Lewis Investment Management for a loan of $175 million), Diasurin with target price From €168reduced from the previous 175 euros, Nixi with fair value From 16 EUR (Strategic agreement with Pepper And the Banco di Sardegna for merchant acquisition activities) e offset with targeting From 2.40 EURan improvement from the previous 2.20 euros following the sales trend.

Rule accumulated also for Pirelli with Goal From 6 euro Despite the low data on tire sales e Telecom Italia with fair value From 0.40 EUR (Valuing fixed network assets of around €20 billion and considering a group sale as part of the process to build a single fiber network using Open the fiber).

Bestinver judges buy:

Telecom Italia with targeting From 0.68-0.78 euros.

Exane assigns superior performance to:

Pepper with target price From 3.20 EURraised from the previous €2.90 (the Transalpine Institute estimates the Italian bank’s earnings per share growth of 10% in 2024 which rises to 14% if all synergies are included).

Barclays judges weight gain:

In the with target price From €9.20However, it is down from the previous 9.60 euros in the wake of the sell-off Btp.

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