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New flight from Canada to Fiumicino

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Photo by Elisa Golberg

On May 8, 2022, the new WestJet Link launched from Fiumicino Airport to Calgary in Canada. Departing at 13:55 local time with about 300 passengers on board, the flight marked a major milestone in the resumption of tourism between Italy and Canada and was celebrated with Canadian Ambassadors to Italy Eliza Kolberg and Dan Williams. Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Culture of the State of Alberta reports in the Diplomatic Journal.

Chris Headlin, Vice President, WestJet Network, said: “The launch of our highly anticipated Rome-Calgary service was an incredible milestone for WestJet and our passengers. We are pleased to offer Western Canadians a greater connection to Rome, an incredible city known for its rich history, world – famous food and iconic culture. Many tourists are eager to see this, and now it is not surprising to find direct access to our new direct flights ”.
“It is a great privilege to welcome WestJet to Rome Fiumicino,” said Federico Scriboni, head of aviation business development at Aeroporti di Roma. Boasting more travelers, the Canadian market has been confirmed as one of the major long-haul flights based on current and future possibilities.The new aircraft will provide direct access to Canadian travelers to Rome, and through the hub of our hub to the vast Italian and Mediterranean market, customers traveling directly from Rome to Calgary will finally be directly in the heart of Central Canada. Will have the opportunity to fly. Discover the beauties of the state of Alberta and explore new travel options to the American West Coast “.
Canada’s Ambassador to Italy Elisa Ann Kolberg said, “The new WestJet flight between Rome and Calgary will allow the development of relations between the two countries.

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WestJet’s new service to Rome starts from its global hub Calgary and completes flights to Europe. As part of WestJet’s recovery, the airline has invested significantly over the Atlantic Ocean from Alberta, with a 43% increase in flights to Europe compared to 2020.
The Rome-Calgary aircraft will be operated throughout the summer with the modern and efficient 320-seat Boeing 787/900 Dreamliner up to 3 times a week. The flight was originally scheduled to launch in May 2020, but was postponed due to an outbreak.

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