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Here’s what they’re thinking on Twitter

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Red has arrived at Disney + A few days ago, I immediately got the approval of a large segment of the public. This is Pixar’s first film directed by a woman, and it explores sexuality and growth, as well as talking about topics such as menstruation and showing different female characters. However, according to some, the film will be inappropriate.

“[Avere tredici anni] Obsession with men may be a common thing, but it’s not ideal that I want for my girls. [La protagonista] He hasn’t learned that imagining older children is a waste of time, but instead, his mother learns to respect “My panda, my choice!”. seriously!? “These were the words of a disgruntled parent after watching the film, which he considered inappropriate for young people to watch.

This comment, in fact, goes against the prevailing opinion about the film, which is expressed by fans on Twitter. According to many, in fact, The color red defeats many common taboos that girls face. “Films about boys growing up, chasing girls, going through puberty are okay: but doing the same to girls is inappropriate and disgusting. People are weird, which is why girls can hardly hear each other. Easy with themselves, even in adulthood” . Another continued: “People who say turning red is ‘too mature/hypersexual’ (???) are really weird. If you think talking about girls with liking/menstruation/puberty is ‘too mature’) or ‘inappropriate,’ I don’t know what to tell you.

What do you think of the movie? We tell you our opinion Red . review.

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