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Where to watch it on TV and live

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2024 Division I Ice Hockey World Championship, they’re almost ready to leave. The venue for the event will be the Sparkasse Arena in Bolzano, where Italy, as the host nation, will try to get the ‘pass’ – awarded to the top two teams in the World Championship – to return to the top flight.One of the greats of discipline.

Coach Bellino’s Blue Team is expected to be busy in the week of April 28-May 4, aiming to win all the matches: The first is on Sunday April 28 at 7:30pm against Romania, then Tuesday April 30 again at 7:30pm against the Japan, Accordingly On May 1 at the same time against Slovenia Finally between From May 3 to 4, respectively, against Hungary (7.30 p.m.) and South Korea (4 p.m.).

How to follow the event? The Italian national team’s matches will be broadcast live on Eurosport channels and live on Discovery+.

Section 1 World Cup 2024: Italy calendar

Sunday 28 April

7.30 pm Romania-Italy

Tuesday 30 April

7.30 pm Italy – Japan

Thursday, May 1

7.30pm Slovenia-Italy

Saturday 3 May

7.30 pm: Italy – Hungary

Sunday, May 4

4:00 PM Italy – South Korea

Italy peaks

Bernard Andreas, Jake Smith (HC Val Pusteria – ICHL), Valini Gianluca (HC Bolzano – ICHL)

Larkin Thomas, Peter Spoornberger, Trivellato Alex (Schwenninger Wild Wings – Dell), Amorosa Terrance, Insam Marko (Rittner Boam – Alpsel), Gilera Daniel (HC Val Pusteria – ESI HL), Petronero Fell (Dukla Trencin – SVK) ), Mr. Jason (SG Cortina – AlpsHL)

Frank Daniel, Frigo Luca, Jazley Dustin, Mattinotto Daniel (HC Bolzano – ICEHL), Catenacci Daniel, Ivan DeLuca, Mathias Mantinger (HC Val Busteria – ICEHL), Di Luca Tommaso, Diego Costner (Ambry Biotta – NLA), Marchetti Michel (Hockey Asiago – ICEHL), Bordiller Tommy (Peterborough Petes – OHL), Salinitri Anthony (Stavanger Oilers – Norway).

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art Device
Bellino Mike (Head Coach), Armani Fabio, Burn Perry, Scandella Diego (Assistant Coaches), Jamison David (Goal Coach), Kadar Mike (Athletic Coach), Scott David (Mental Coach).

Work crew
Zeisser Stefan (Sports Director), Basso Nicola (Team Captain), Costacurta Giovanni (Doctor), Tonelli Guido (Massage Physiotherapist), Piei Andrea (Physiotherapist), Dalsasso Ivo, Frascia Luciano (Equipment Technicians), Tomasini Luca ( media manager)

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