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The bear killed the dog and Canada took it down. A dead man is not enough for us

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Bear kill

For several days there has been a debate over the killing of a bear named Jj4 that mauled a 26-year-old man to death in Italy. Andrea Bobby, while practicing physical activity in a forest in Trentino; In Canada, an event similar to the Italian one took place, but with completely opposite results. If the majority of people in our country take sides in the “protection” of the bear, against the slaughter, there is no doubt about the attitude that Canadians should adopt during predatory attacks by these animals.

The latest news was last weekend, when A bear was shot in Jasper National Park, after attacking two hikers with their dogs. According to authorities, the pets were running free when they saw a black bear approaching on the trail. At that moment, one of the two dogs started barking to defend their owners Another pounced on the bear Then he knits the animal.

At that point, the hikers intervened, first throwing anti-bear spray and then the can at the specimen’s head, although the dog was unable to free itself. According to officials, the bear will remain Dragging the dog into the forest, to be cut down and killed. “This close and aggressive approach by a large black bear is about behavior,” park officials said. “The attack on the dog and the pursuit of the corpse – they continue – indicate Predatory behavior“. Since the bear showed no fear or reaction to the sprays and pokes, this led to a joint decision to kill.

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This “serious” decision comes despite the fact that the hikers were not injured in the attack. Therefore, the Canadian authorities wanted to act preventively: this time, the victim was a pet, but it could not be excluded in the absence of two dogs. The bear allegedly attacked both of them. In short, if a real movement is being created for the protection and “unity” of the bear Jj4 in our country, Canada has less of a “do-gooder” orientation, but a practical, concrete case-by-case analysis. From an off Human security protection.

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Meanwhile, the President of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugati, It has ordered a new ordinance to repel the bear. Immediately Lau (Anti-Vivisection League) announced that Apss (Provincial Agency for Health Services) would issue a formal notice against the prosecutor and the Carabinieri against the animal’s execution. But the content of the President’s order is very clear: “As a precautionary measure for public health and safety, the killing of animals is justified, Instead of accepting even the slightest risk In the context of all operational phases aimed at transfer to another place, it can come into contact with a person again”. It is above all, “there is no concrete alternative (…) in the province, i.e. transfer of the Jj4 bear to another site outside the Trentino Alto Adige/S├╝dtirol region, even abroad. Also, it consistently delivers high quality. Security requirements and security for its visitors, as well as operators and those who need to carry out exchange operations.

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