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Here’s how the legend came to life

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VEDELAGO (TREVISO) – Daniel Beltrame He played Francisco Baracca in the movie “Sky Hunters”. And also the role of the mechanic Bartolomeo. There is also a little Vedelago at work that traces Baracca’s exploits Geratto me The last days between Nervisa and Istrana have now landedto me In Lugo di Romagna, the land of originL’pilot. While shooting, there are gods Moments when he does not see the hero in the face. Where are they from The scenes were recorded on Spad XIII, with the flying aircraft taking off from the field at the foot of Montello and from there over the Piave before landing. numberIn cinematic fiction, the protagonist is Pepe Fiorello that He impersonates Baraka but, In fact, those moments immortalize a real pilot flying the planeOne A landmark of the Jonathan CollectionAnd the Daniel Beltrame, pilot from Videlago, to Giancarlo Zanardo, airport owner, Because of the personal data, he gave up driving his gemLor StreetThe thirteenth pad with the badge of Francesco Baracca, built by it Himself And donate it to the foundation.

The pilot’s experience is new and unusual part of doppler, Watch with clouds of overwhelming emotion. «In fact – Beltrame admits – She played two roles: both Baraka and the role of the mechanic Bartolomeo. He also appears in the story and obtains from Baracca, with whom he initially had a bad relationship, his pilot’s license, the emblem of a relationship that has grown over time.».

And on that day he remembers: «The My role was precisely flying: the thing I love the most – explains – It took off from Nervisa, flew over Piave, landed and, among other things, made everyone shudder in a corridor three meters off the” And he reveals: “In the film, the airport of Quinto in Nervisa is simulated, given that in 1918 there was not and could not be in the municipality of Montigliano: in fact, there was a front line on Piave».

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As for the anecdotes of recording, he says: “to mee did it all in three days. The events in which Barcelona died occurred in June, and therefore, despite the fact that it was three degrees Celsius in Nervisa during the recordings, I flew without a jacket. Crazy cold. sFor me it was all funAnd the Game. I have always flown by plane, although until recently I worked as a foreman at a construction site. However, I am now an aircraft mechanic». And after filming, Danielle thought about everything but rest. «I work at the airport to repair a Caproni Ca.3, the first strategic bomber in history. On the occasion of the centenary of the Air Force we will go to Rome with that, and also with SPAD XIII. Therefore, we are preparing it for flight. Then a tour of all regions is planned»

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