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Did you update your iPhone to iOS 16? Hurry to change these settings

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Enhance your iPhone experience with iOS 16 by changing these settings on your smartphone

The New iOS 16 update It has been available for several days now and has made some significant changes, especially regarding Personalization.

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However, this does not mean that there are some features, enabled or disabled by factory settings, that should be changed instead to make the user experience more enjoyable.

Let’s think, for example, in Virtual keyboard haptic feedback, one of the most requested functions by Apple users that the Cupertino company has finally decided to pursue. Just enter the app Settings, tap Sounds and Haptic Feedback, select Keyboard Feedback and activate Haptic Feedback. Thanks to the new features, it will no longer be necessary to install external keyboards on the iPhone to open haptic feedback.

Instead, from Deactivate the connect button during callsTo avoid accidentally closing a phone call for pressing the lock screen button by mistake. Also in this case, it will be enough to enter the Settings application, click on accessibility, select the touch item and click on the button Prevent blocking from ending the call.

there New iOS 16 lock screen It not only provides the opportunity to customize the interface by inserting new widgets and clock styles, but also has a launch feature New set of notifications. Old users may have gotten used to the previous organization and Apple decided to please both lovers of novelty and “purists” of traditions. In fact, just tap on Settings, select Notifications and tap on the menu item at the top to restore the old organization of notifications.

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How to Activate Battery Percentage on iPhone iOS 16

iPhone iOS 16
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Equal chat is news related Battery percentage on iPhones with Face ID. While waiting for this option to also arrive on the “iPhone by” excluded so far, such as iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 13 Mini, we tell you how to activate the indicator in the status bar: Enter the Settings app, select Battery and turn on the battery percentage switch .

The New iOS 16 update Feet a small button near At the bottom are the icons on the first page, through which you can quickly enter the search screen. To disable it, just enter the iPhone settings, select the Home screen and turn off the switch in the item Show on Home Screen.

Finally, a novelty tied to productivity. In fact, with the arrival of iOS 16, it became possible Cancel sending an email within a certain period of time, which is fixed by default at 10 seconds. Those interested can change this functionality by going into the Settings app and clicking on Mail: On the next screen, simply tap on Delay to cancel sending and increase the cancellation time (20 or 30 seconds).

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