Sunday, April 14, 2024

A leak in Android 13 reveals the new notification management permission

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After the leaks Android 13 Appeared these days, which is witnessing the work of a development team google browser Focus on the new Dynamic themes of the article You, the Quick change of user profile from lock screen, the new google assistant activation system, the New user interface for playing audio devices and the Quick scan of QR codes Through a special substitution, in these hours we have the opportunity to discover new Permission to manage notifications who will find his place in Android 13.

Here is the new notification management permission for Android 13

As you can see from the image below, when an app wants to send a notification, it must first get permission from the user. The latter will be able to accept or decline the sending of notifications in an unpatched panel, the action of which will be remembered as long as the application is installed on the device equipped with Android 13.

The new notification management panel is all about the process the show length Notices which will also remember the user’s choice. It is reasonable to assume that the user will still be able to track their steps to allow or block notifications through a special Android 13 settings panel, but from this point of view we have no information about them.

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