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Canada eliminated in doubles final with Europeans – OA Sport

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Scotland beat Canada 9-3 to win the 2023 Men’s Curling World Cup. In the final on ice in Ottawa. Bruce Mouat, Gran Hardie, Bobby Lammie and Hammy McMillan dominated the game against the hosts led by skip Brad Gushue after beating Italy in extra time in the semi-final. The British team completed a perfect season by winning the European Championships in the autumn.

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It is the sixth iridescent seal in history For Scotland, it was a return to the first step of the podium after fourteen years and broke the dominance of Sweden’s Niklas Edin in the last four editions. Canada just missed the meet with the 37th Apotheosis by standing in silver like last year. Switzerland completed the podium by defeating Italy in the third-place final.

Scotland made the difference between the second and third ends, first scoring two points with the advantage of the last shot, then breaking the hosts’ arm and scoring two more points (4-0). Canada closed the gap (1-4), but Scotland widened the gap with two points before the break (6-1). Brad Gushue and his teammates put the dispute on the ice once again, trying to bring home two promising points (3-6), then Scotland opted for a nil hand and settled the accounts firmly with three points marked in the eighth fraction.

Photo: WCF/Steve Seixeiro

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