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“Calling wire transfers”: what happens to the house reward

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The new rules imposed by Decree-Law No. 157 of last November 11 had an immediate effect, providing for strict measures to combat tax fraud related to construction work. Strengthening sworn authentication and certification bonds for i house bonus It will have a retroactive effect and will not give the possibility of benefiting from privileges, not even for businesses already started or even completed. In addition to the damage, there is also the indignity of increasing costs to the citizens who are beneficiaries, as they have to pay Compliance visas And sworn certificates, that is, documents issued by a professional or specialized company attesting to the possession of certain requirements necessary to be able to access specific discounts, or to respond to certain calls for financing.

Business has already started under review

The most difficult problem is dealing with construction work that has already started or is nearing completion. At the time of the contract, this business was exempted from the latest anti-fraud requirements approved in decree Thus, costs must be reviewed. This, as reported by the newspaper Italy today, can cause inconvenience especially to those beneficiaries who have calculated the economic sustainability of the intervention to the nearest hundred, which will lead to higher expenditures. The financial impact of a “balance transfer call” could derail the business. The administrative aspect should also not be underestimated, as a series of papers will be produced that can slow downConstruction.

What are the functions covered by the new decree-law?

In addition to the ongoing business, all businesses started from November 12 onwards are concerned with the rules laid down in Decree-Law 157. As of that date, it is necessary to obtainoath statement visa compliance and costs; If this fails, the actions will not be able to continue.

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How to stick to the new rules

However, it is not very easy to comply with the new rules of the decree, because also, as it shows Republic, Locationrevenue agency Under maintenance. The access model has changed, but pending the full operation of the agency portal, it is necessary to contact Caf, for the time being, the only body authorized to transfer the main reward file.

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