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Italian acquisitions: Great start for Oppenheimer, €2m | Cinema

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A great start to Oppenheimer At the Italian box office: Christopher Nolan’s film collected €2m in just over 470 cinemas, and earned an average of over €4,200 per theater, all in one midweek day at the end of August. It’s the best debut ever for a Christopher Nolan movie (beating out 1.3 million d The Dark Knight Returns), and one of the best launches ever since the beginning of the pandemic, but above all it seems to prove that the launch came from Barbie (compared to the USA and other territories) It was beneficial, since Greta Gerwig’s first day grossed €2.1m, or slightly more than Nolan’s.

Ghost House opens in second place, which is a long way off: the Disney movie debuted with €190,000. Then Barbie falls to the third place, which collects 156 thousand euros, and rises to 29.6 million euros. The €30m target, at this point, could be reached by the end of the week.

And in fourth place, we find Shark 2 – The Abyss with 49 thousand euros and a total of 4.8 million euros, while Blue Beetle fell to fifth place with 44 thousand euros and a total of 714 thousand euros.

Clusters Italy August 23, 2023

  1. Oppenheimer – 2,028,801 euros – Total 2,028,801 euros
  2. Haunted Mansion – €190,072 – Total €190,072
  3. Barbie – €156,000 – Total €29,583,192
  4. Shark 2 – The Abyss (MEG 2: The Trench) – €49,083 – Total €4,872,648
  5. Blue Beetle – 43,910 euros – Total 714,820 euros
  6. Home – Evil Awakening (Evil Dead Rising) – € 22,239 – Total € 3,028,874
  7. Worst Day – €18,307 – Total €540,874
  8. Demeter – Dracula’s Awakening (Demeter’s Last Journey) – €12,302 – Total €313,045
  9. Elemental – 12,178 euros – Total 6,565,139 euros
  10. Sweet Summer – €9,159 – Total €33,891
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