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Anime Preview: Trailer and news for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, The New Gate, and other titles

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Advertisements for Modaete yo Adam-kun and Mahō Tsukai no Yakusoku – The Magician’s Promise

By Rikuz404

Netflix released a new trailer for the series Scott Pilgrim takes offan animated adaptation of the comic series he created Brian Lee O’Malley. Anime Saru Sciences He will arrive at the podium next November 17.

Scott Pilgrim’s life isn’t really bad. He’s 23, he plays in a band, gets up any time he wants, and recently he’s been dating a cute girl who would die for him. But some time ago there has been a hyperspace highway running straight through his head: it’s the mysterious Ramona Flowers, who has just arrived in town and is already ready to steal his heart. Who is Ramona? Where is he from? Why did her seven evil ex-boyfriends team up to stop Scott from winning her over? Fireballs! Rock and Roll Music! Mystical superpowers! Chase! The only unshakable certainty is that a not-so-bad life can become a wonderful life. Just be prepared for anything. But really everything. (Rizzoli)

During the New York Comic Con It has been announced Julian Sihy He will give his voice to the Katayanagi twins (Kyle and Ken). To get to know the full cast and crew of the series, we refer you to the main news.

A new website has been opened to advertise anime adaptations New portalbased on the light novel series he wrote Shinoji Kazanamiproduction In 2024. The website also revealed key visuals, main cast, and staff.

THE NEW GATE is an online game that captivates its players and engages them in a deadly game. Thousands of trapped players have been freed thanks to the efforts of Shin, one of the strongest players in the world. However, after defeating the final boss and freeing everyone, Shin is engulfed in a strange light and finds himself inside a game world 500 years in the future. Going back seems impossible.

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The heroes of the series will be:

Yoshiyuki MiwaThe manga artist adapting the light novel has drawn an illustration to celebrate the announcement:

Tamaki Nakatsu (Eyeshield 21: The Phantom Golden Bowl movie) The anime will be directed to Yokohama Animation Laboratory And Cloud hearts. Hiroki Uchida (Players! The strongest sage with the weakest peak) is responsible for the series’ scripts, while Itsuki Takemoto (Animation director L It was cool, Naruto Shippuden) will take care of character design. Tatsuhiko Saeki, Yuya Mori, Misaki Tsuchida And Tsugumi Tanaka They will compose music.

Kazanami “He began serializing the original story on the website.”Shusetsuka ni Naru“(Let’s become novelists) in the year 2013. Alphapolis The story began publication in physical volumes in December 2013, with art Makai no Gomin.

Suisisha Announce that manga Fashion yo, con adam (He’s in pain, Adam) to Toyo It will inspire the next adaptation of AnimeParty (previously Anime area And Anime Comic Vista). Hiota Kono He will direct the anime and Yoshihiro Watanabe (Testimony of the New Devil Sister, Haganay, Surplus) will take care of character design.

Due to the global pandemic, males are suffering from erectile dysfunction. High school student Kazuki is one of the few men who does not suffer from this disorder. For this reason, the young man is wanted by various female elements.

Toyo The manga began publishing digitally in November 2022. Suisisha Two volumes of the manga will be released simultaneously on January 18, 2024.

The special was broadcast on the occasion of the smartphone game’s fourth anniversary Mahō Tsukai no Yakusoku – The Magician’s Promiseannounced the launch of a Animation project.

In a world where magicians and humans coexist, there are five countries in the Central Continent, all of which have unique characteristics. In this world, a large satellite floats in the sky and the citizens sense danger. Once a year, wizards are chosen to battle this mysterious celestial body. One of them, coming from another world, was asked to lead the team against that satellite.

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the society Cooley Company The game launched for free (with in-app purchases) on November 26, 2019. Punta Tsushimi (Idol7) Deal with scenarios and Dangmill (Illustrations from the light novel by Cross-dressing villain Cecilia Sylvie) crafted the original character designs.

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