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The Nikes made famous by Forrest Gump are finally back on sale

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The Nike Cortez, one of the company’s simplest and most iconic sneakers, has a long history. Designed in 1968 by Bill Bowerman for Phil Knight’s Blue Ribbon Sports – when Blue Ribbon sold shoes made in Japan by Onitsuka – the model was originally known as the Tiger Corsair. The shoe was a huge success, prompting Knight and Borman to part ways with the Japanese company, and in 1972, they launched their own version of what they now called the Nike Cortez. This is not just a Nike classic, but arguably the Nike classic, the sneaker that started it all.

While the origins of the Nike Cortez have been overshadowed by its film legacy, its popularity as a cinematic icon has at least kept the sneaker alive in the popular imagination. This particular color – chosen for its symbolic association with the American flag, very much in keeping with the spirit and themes of the film – has been rightly celebrated for its fluid aesthetic and the beauty of the primary colours. It’s hard to beat Red, White, and Blue in terms of aesthetic simplicity, and the fact that they all have a strong connection to the film’s story makes it even better. So it’s no surprise that the real example is more desirable: the Cortez used in the film It was recently sold at auction for more than $50,000.

I don’t think you have to pay five figures. Although the reissue has already sold out Nike.comHowever, you can still buy a currency pair on StockX for a relatively reasonable amount.

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The article was originally published on GQ US

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