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The 7th International SWIFT Conference in Italy

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(ANSA) – Trieste, May 27 – The “7th International SWIFT Congress” will be held in Trieste from 29 to 31 May 2024. A conference that also includes (on 30 May) a trip for guests to the island of Isola della Cunha and, finally, on 31 May, Concert by the Gospel Choir from Trieste.
About 135 participants are expected from Europe, the Americas and Asia, who will present their research results on the protection and conservation of Swifts (Apus apus), long-distance migrants and the precious biodiversity of our cities.
We will discuss how to protect the habitats of these important bird species, whose numbers are declining in many urban areas, and the impacts of climate change and their migration (they spend the winter in remote places, such as South Africa, and then return home every day). spring). Ospreys are an important component of our ecosystems, taking into account also the large amount of harmful insects they devour every day (about 10,000) to protect our health and agriculture, allowing us to reduce the use of pesticides.
The speedy bird travels huge distances without ever landing, only to return to the nest even after a winter migration of 20,000 km.
Previous conferences have been held in Segovia (Spain), Tel Aviv (Israel), Cambridge (United Kingdom), and other cities in Europe.

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