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Star Wars The Acolyte The Follower, a character who is “David Bowie but a Jedi,” for the actress

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Star Wars The Acolyte The Follower is the next TV series dedicated to the Galaxy Far, Far Away to arrive on Disney Plus. We will have the opportunity to see the period before the Skywalker saga and thus get to know many new characters. One of those, according to actress Daphne Keen, will practically be David Bowie, but in the Jedi version.

Dafne Keen (known for her role as Laura/C-23 in Logan) plays Jedi Padawan Jecki Lon. During a recent chat with Empire, Kane said: “Once we got our makeup on, I went up to model Leslye Headland and said, ‘This is David Bowie.’ And she said, ‘You’re exactly right.’ We joked.” About being like David Bowie’s Jedi.”

“It’s almost a funky ’70s and ’80s look, and it’s really cool. I was so excited about the braid — as a Star Wars fan, getting a Padawan braid is the craziest thing in the world. I was so excited when they put it on. ‘Oh my God, I have “Cue Padawan!” That was really cool.”

The character Keen in Star Wars The Acolyte The Follower


Jiki Lunn, Star Wars character Kane, assistant, henchman

During the chat, Kane also teased and outlined what kind of relationship his character would have with other Jedi Jiki Lunn is “mature for her age”.

Ken talks about “a very interesting dynamic between Yord’s character and Charlie Barnett”. [Fandar] – He is a great friend, and I love him. Jakey is more efficient than him all the time. But he is a knight [Jedi]Because he is older. So there’s this really interesting dynamic, where he’s kind of useless and she’s thinking, “You need to try harder.” “It was really fun to play.”

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“We already knew he was talented because we all saw it,” he added. Lee Jung Jae, who plays Seol, the master of Geki. “But he was shooting scenes in a language that wasn’t his. He didn’t know English! He was learning his lines, and he was doing them amazingly well. He was doing a better job than 90% of us on set. It was crazy.” .

Still talking about The Acolyte The Follower, true Star Wars fans are defending the laser whip.

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