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On Prime Video, a beautiful movie with a light and touching story that has never been shown in cinema before.

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Discover the plot and cast of this film on Prime Video, an Italian-French comedy based on the novel, with Stefano Accorsi and Neri Marcori.

Music is a constant source of inspiration, the good growth of a daughter is the main goal of life, a city full of surprises and culture. These are the main components of Movies on Prime Video Which we highly recommend you follow, a light and touching story based on the 1984 novel All sun By Bertrand Visage.

I can not believe that” – which in its original version is titled exactly like the book – unfortunately never reached Italian cinemas, so the viewing guaranteed by the blue platform is highly recommended.

This comedy is about Prime Video It explores themes such as family, mourning, love and the joy of living, through the story of a man struggling with the pain of loss, his relationship with his teenage daughter and the fear of happiness.

It is directed by a French writer and director known for his ability to weave deep and emotional stories. Philippe Claudel had won Renaudeau Prize With Les Âmes, he showed that he had mastered the language of the camera competently and sensitively, as well as the language of the written word.

The choice of the story to take place in Strasbourg was not accidental, a city that represents a true crossroads of cultures and languages, a place of meetings and exchanges.

However, despite everything in this movie on Prime Video you “speak” French, the main character and protagonist are two very likable Italian actors.

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The first is Stefano Accorsi Which, after her first appearance in and central role in several television commercials “radio arrow” Directed by Luciano Ligabue, he has had a very successful career in film and television, starring in films such as “Son’s room” And “The last kiss”and a series such as “Your honor” And “1992”.

The second is Neri Marcory. A born comedian and impersonator (his version of Alberto Angela for television is unforgettable), he has shown great talent for acting in both comedic and dramatic roles, as demonstrated by his participation in films such as “I stop when I want”“,”Friends Bar Margarita” And “The heart is somewhere else”.

The director wanted the actors’ performances to be as authentic as possible, and often allowed them to follow their instincts during filming to capture moments of true spontaneity. In particular, in the scene where Accorsi and Marcory argue animatedly, the dialogue was completely improvised, and Claudel decided to keep it in the final cut because of the new realism it brought to the narrative.

I can not believe that on Prime Video It is an ode to life, music and the ability to be born again after pain. Learn the details of the plot!

Alessandro Regazzoni is a music teacher at the University of Strasbourg, and in his spare time he volunteers in hospitals, where he reads to elderly patients.

He is a widower, and has raised his daughter Irina almost single-handedly, but now that the girl has entered adolescence and is facing physical transformations and a first love, Alessandro doesn’t know how to handle it.

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The situation is further complicated by the presence of his brother Luigi, an eccentric anarchist, who has moved in with him and considers himself a political refugee since Silvio Berlusconi won the elections in Italy.

He even enters into a crisis when he begins to have feelings for Florence, the daughter of a hospital patient whom he has been accompanying to readings.

Alessandro will have to decide whether he will continue to be afraid of happiness, or will leave sadness and doubts behind him once and for all to start enjoying life…

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