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Moose Toys introduces its line of toys dedicated to Despicable Me 4

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moose gamesIn cooperation with Global products and expertiseintroduced a new line of games dedicated to Despicable me 4 to light. An extensive and innovative range of action figures, playsets and collectibles – as well as co-branded toys, including Moss heroes in Go Jit Zu – Its price will range from $2.99 ​​to $29.99. Despicable Me 4 will arrive in theaters in the United States on July 3, while it will arrive in cinemas in Italy on July 3 August 22, 2024.

This new line features a number of new features that are sure to entertain and entertain fans of all ages. The fusion of innately subversive humour, friendship and fun embedded in the DNA of Illumination’s Despicable Me brand, combined with our own Moose innovation, is sure to enhance your gaming experience“, he announced Joe Smith, Vice President of Global and US Marketing, Licensed Brands, Moose Toys. “From enhanced versions of popular characters, like the Ultimate Fart Blaster, to introducing all-new Mega Minions and Anti-Villain League (AVL), these games will introduce beloved characters to their legions of fans“.

As a game licensor, moose games Bringing to life many of Illumination’s most popular Minions characters, as well as new Minions, in never-before-seen formats, allowing fans to get to know or re-acquaint themselves with these universally beloved characters before the release of Despicable Me 4. The extensive toy line dedicated to the film includes playsets and collectibles Action figures and more:

Despicable Me 4 game from Moose Toys

Despicable Me 4 the ultimate wind blaster

The Ultimate Fart Blaster, a 14-inch-long fart-shooting “gas” weapon of destruction. The fart blaster has always been a fan favorite, but this is the first time it features lights, fart sounds and rings of scented fart that travel up to two metres. The blaster comes with two “fart formulas” that produce rings with a good banana smell or a bad fart smell. To keep the fun going, each bottle produces up to 5,000 rings and sounds.

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Despicable Me 4 mini wind gun

This mini Minion-inspired fart gun will ask guests “Who farted?” Thanks to the realistic sound of farts it emits. Fun and laughter are in the delivery of this little gun that makes a big laugh.

Despicable Me 4 Transformation Room

Enter with the Minion, exit with the Mega Minion with the Transformation Room Playset. For the first time, the Minion has been reimagined in giant form, and in the playset, that honor goes to fan favorite Jerry. To access the “Mega” reveal, first load the AVL Agent version of Jerry and the rock attached to him into the room’s opening. Turn the levers like Mr. Ramsbottom and feel Jerry’s transformation. The room doors open to reveal a 5 1/2-inch Jerry figure with a rock-textured body inside the AVL playset. Increase the level of play by inserting discs into Jerry’s mouth and he will spit at a series of targets located throughout the playset; Hit the yellow target to free Agent Jerry and his rock and head to the playset slide to continue the fun. Additional Mega Minion figures can be purchased separately to continue the playset fun.

Despicable Me 4 Mega Minions Action Figures

The Minions go Mega with 4-inch versions of fan-favorite characters Dave, Tim, Gus and Mel. The Mega Minions are ready for action: each one of them includes an accessory that allows them to use their powers, just like in the movie. The Mega Dave features a buildable smoke cloud that propels it forward when fired. Mega Mail is armed with a bullet in his eye pointing towards a trash can. A direct hit reveals the badger hiding inside. Mega Team features tornado arms to break through the included barrier or anything in its path, while Mega Goose launches himself from his viewing platform. These oversized Minions are capable of providing laughter and fun.

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Despicable Me 4 Stretch Figures

Minions Dave and Tim are now part of the character series Heroes of Go Jit Zu They are stickier and stickier than ever. These two fan favorites are a blast when they’re already in their Mega Minion form, but they get larger by stretching up to three times, then always return to their original shape and size. Muscular Mega Dave filled with water pearls. MegaTeam, with its elongated capsule-shaped body, has a glucose gel. The duo will star in the upcoming Despicable Me 4 movie from the popular franchise. Fans will be surprised at how Goo Jit Zu’s new Mega Minions heroes will “extend” their star power in daily play.

Despicable Me 4 Mini Mayhem Figures

Mini Mayhem Figures are a set of 20 2-inch collectible figures from the upcoming film Despicable Me 4 that arrive in single packs or four themed sets, including “Heist,” “Party Bus,” and “AVL.” New and fan-favorite characters appear in the film and include Gru, Mel, Jerry and more. Rare characters include Mega Dave, Heist Gru and AVL Tim, each with a special tactile feature such as squishy, ​​stretchy or weighted. Special features for the ultra-rare characters include a Mega Jerry, a Party Minion with rattle, and a displayable Mega Team. Children can create scenes from the movie or imagine new problems to create their own sequel and act out the scenes.

Despicable Me 4 AVL Deluxe Minions

AVL Deluxe Minions Mel and Dave in action displaying their AVL suits with unique details. Like their on-screen counterparts, these two are ready to defeat their enemy Maxime Le Mal. Each Minion comes with two distinct accessories. Mel has a hook and goggles, while Dave has a gun and an AVL coffee cup. These oversized Minions stand over 5 inches tall, have glass eyes and 10 points of articulation, including shoulders, elbows, hands, waist and feet. Packaged in exclusive premium packaging, it’s perfect for keeping the item pristine and ready to display to legions of iconic yellow collectors.

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The Despicable Me 4 line is now available at major US retailers.

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