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Make May the Month for RDSP Awareness

Make May the Month for RDSP Awareness!

A Campaign That We Have Can Support

Do you have a relative or a friend diagnosed with a disability? If so, you are not alone. There are around 3.8 million people in Canada having limitations performing daily activities due to a permanent or partial health condition (mental and/or physical). In other words, I call them with different abilities. 1 in 7 Canadian has at least one disability. And sadly among them, one in the oven has low income and no support at all.

We, as Canadians, have the privilege to access and financial resources available if requested. In fact, we are the only one in the world who has created a tax-deferred savings tool to assist people with disabilities and their loved ones.

Complete the RDSP Awareness Survey for a Chance to Win!

Online Call Out Culture Leads To Elderly Abuse & Isolation

The modern day call-out culture lauds itself as the champion of marginalized communities and sometimes uses the cloak of ally as permission to verbally abuse anyone that challenges popular narrative. For socially isolated senior citizens that depend on online communication as their only mode of social interaction, not being able to keep up with the times of social narrative puts them at risk of verbal attacks and online bullying, which then discourages them from participating socially in the only way available to them.

Charities and nonprofits must lessen reliance on aging, affluent donors

Canadians give more than $14 billion annually, but current demographic trends suggest revenues will decline significantly over time if action not taken.

The changing face of the Canadian family

Canadian families are becoming more diverse and they’re pretty stable units overall, as shown in the sixth and latest edition of Close Relations.


The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) celebrates International Women’s Day by thanking and honouring all Indigenous women in Canada, on Turtle Island and throughout Mother Earth for the contributions they make to the world everyday.

WSO's One Billion Rising Event Completes 5th Amazing Year

For the fifth year in a row, Sikhs across Canada, in partnership with the World Sikh Organization of Canada joined to take part in the One Billion Rising movement by providing care packages, treats and baked goods to approximately 1500 women and children in shelters in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Handmade Valentine’s cards prepared by Sikh children accompanied the packages.

Sharing Our Stories: A Celebration of Black Culture and History

In honour of Black History Month, St Andrew's Church, Islington, invites everyone to celebrate faith-full diversity at "Sharing Our Stories: Celebrating Black Culture and History."

Scottish Government supports Kilt Skates across Canada

For the second straight year, the Scottish Government will help sponsor a uniquely Canadian celebration of Scottish heritage: Sir John A’s Great Canadian Kilt Skate. Funds will be forwarded to Scottish organizations across the country to help them throw outdoor parties where skaters will take to the ice in kilts, tartans and other Scottish regalia.

International Migrants Day: Calling for access to permanent residence and family unity

This International Migrant’s Day, migrant workers in Canada are still waiting for the federal government to take action to protect their basic rights. With only temporary status in Canada, and legally tied to a specific employer, migrant workers are frequently subject to abuse and exploitation, and in several appalling cases, human trafficking.

AVO app ‘Bernie’ to help address domestic violence reoffending

Researchers have developed a mobile phone application named Bernie to support defendants issued with Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs) to strengthen their positive decision-making around behaviours and emotions.

Colin James, Sher Campbell, Lynne McCormack

Professor and author asks “Will Industrial Civilization Collapse?”

Professor, union activist and non-profit Executive Director Kevin McKay says we need to make some big changes to avoid environmental, political and societal catastrophe. McKay is coming to Sarnia to speak on these themes from his recent book Radical Transformation: Oligarchy, Collapse, and the Crisis of Civilization. This free event will be Thursday, November 23rd, 6:30pm-9:00pm, Sarnia Public Library, 124 Christina St. S., Sarnia

Majority vote favours re-structuring of nationwide church

Delegates voted 94% in favour of restructuring most of Mennonite Church Canada’s programs and ministries at a Special Assembly in Winnipeg held from Oct. 13-15.

Lookout Society receives $40,000 grant from the Home Depot Foundation

Grant to support housing project for youth in Surrey, BC.

Writer, activist, author Tim McCaskell speaking on forty years of “Queer Progress”

Tim McCaskell recounts forty years of LGBT organizing in Toronto from 1974 to 2014 in his compelling book Queer Progress: From Homophobia to Homonationalism (Between the Lines books).

Victoria Foundation Recognized by Highest Charity Standard in Canada

The Victoria Foundation recently received reaccreditation from Imagine Canada, arguably the most demanding assessment of charities in the nation.

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