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Press Release: Legally Blind Photographer A Finalist In a National Photography Contest

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Tara Miller from Winnipeg, Manitoba entered this image in the 2011 CNIB Eye Remember Photography competition. The contest was open to the general public all across Canada.

Tara was the only legally blind photographer to be short listed into the final 5, when the voting was opened to the general public. The voting has now closed and the winner will be announced after July 5th 2011.

After Miller’s story ran in a few local newspaper’s it caught the attention of the producers at Coast To Coast AM. The producers of the program ran a link to Tara’s story on their web page and her story went viral. The result was over whelming for Tara, in just 4 days there where over 4000 people sharing her story over various social media networks.

Tara answered over 500 emails from people all over the world. The emails where everything from praises of Tara’s ability to overcome her sight limitations with such a positive attitude, too people pouring their feelings out to a complete stranger and sharing how they are battling for acceptance with their own disabilities.

Miller has even received requests as far away as Louisiana to come and guest speak at a national wellness conference.

Tara with her husband Jeff are professional commercial photographers specializing in food and agriculture photography and their portfolio can be viewed at

When Tara is shooting still life and food photography for clients she tethers her Nikon D300s camera to her 27 inch Imac computer where she can zoom in to 200% to check the clarity of the image.

Tara has less then 10% vision but doesn’t let that stand in the way of her passion.

Tara says “When my mother was pregnant with me she was in contact with someone who had German Measles and was not vaccinated against it herself. Congenital rubella syndrome is what I was fortunate enough to get. To my understanding the fetus can contract problems with eyes, heart or brain. I look at it this way. I had the least devastating one.”Tara says in her biography; I have finally started to be taken seriously for my ability and not my disability. Because I don't look legally blind some people have laughed at me when I tell them that I am a legally blind professional photographer. I have struggled with my vision loss due to Glaucoma and found my “inner peace” when I took up photography again with the advantages of the digital age. I want to let others know to not give up what you are passionate about in life.

Tara likes to leave people with a message true from her heart;

"When you have a passion in life limitations are merely an obstacle in the road, when you over come those limitations the reward is success. With out a passion in life there is no success".

Here is a link to Tara’s You Tube page and her video titled Tara Miller 2010 Photographic Review

Tara will be appearing on Canada AM on Tuesday July 5th 2011 during the 8 am (est) hour.

Here are some links to media coverage that Tara has received

Media Contact:

Tara Miller


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