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“The city deserves to be satisfied” –

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InfoVerselli24 interviews the new president of The impurity of hockey VercelliAnd the Marta Anna Ferretti.

How does it present itself to the city, to HV fans and what does it have to do with sports?

I recently got close to roller hockey when, thanks to friends, my kids started practicing this discipline and fell in love with it. I come from Correggio (in the province of Reggio Emilia, editor)And the Where I have a family business dealing with sand gravel. We have always been very fond of sports, especially my dad. I have been in the football world for 9 years As the main sponsor of the first team and youth sector of Correggese Calcio, from Excellence all the way to Serie D. When I started, there were only 4 kids, of whom were 2 and then, in less than a year, I was able to bring in 50 by putting on more teams. Over time, I wanted to make the youth sector of Correggese a niche, not to increase the number of young people following so that I could follow them at best, one by one, carefully. Today I see boys at that time becoming parents, it’s a great emotion. It was a big family, which is an aspect that I found in HV, in the club and in the fans.”

What do you like about roller hockey?

For me it’s one of the most beautiful sports out there: it’s cool, aggressive, and clean. He has many qualities, unfortunately football was not always like this. She totally won me over.”

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Practically speaking, as the head of HV, what would you do?

A little of everything: I like to control everything. I don’t want to be just a president sitting there watching the game. I want to have a relationship with the sporting director and the vice presidents and I want to talk to the coach and the players, I want to be involved and be present in every aspect.”

Do you already have a relationship with Vercelli, how well do you know her?

“I will start to live more than SeptemberBecause my kids, who are in high school sports, would be in town two days a week playing hockey and training. Then, of course, I will always be present at matches and in the first team. I can’t wait to start living life to the fullest: It’s a beautiful city that also deserves a good team and a bit of satisfaction, which I think we can get away with.”

How did you choose Freshile?

I go where my heart takes me. I came to a high-voltage match at the gym, and I saw how my kids loved the environment, and then I met Elvis Racciobi An important friendship was born between our family. I immediately found myself in good shape“.

What does sport represent to you?

I think sport is essential for everyone. It’s a nice thing that allows you to distract yourself and that’s true whether it’s an important competitive match, running or walking. For young people in particular, it is of great importance, from an early age, for its educational value, for the construction and identification of personal identity. I think coaches need to educate and I’m very attentive to that aspect. and then, I I really like the practice of letting teams onto the track with kids, and hopefully I’ll be able to do that in Freshelli: it’s great, it motivates the kids a lot. They see their dreams nowhere near what they could become, the shape of their future.”

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Do you think you can bring your expertise to HV in coaching and managing youth sectors that you have gained in football?

It takes patience and it is necessary to know yourself, then the children will come on their own. This is what happened to me in Correggio. Things come slowly: patience and time are required, no rush and no homework.”

How does it feel to be a woman in a sports management role?

The presence of women is also necessary in sports. Even if it never happened to me, It can obviously bother me, but I don’t care, We have to persevere and think about building.”

What mark, both athletic and human, do you want to leave in HV?

Good sign and I would stay for a while too. Vercelli deserves good hockey seasons: I want people to come to the ring and be proud of their hockey. I would like to get to Europe next year, the conditions on paper are there. I will support the commitment that HV has always made in the social sector and we will continue down this path with conviction. Even when I was working in football, I visited the children’s oncology wards with the team at Carpi Hospital and one in Milan, trying to bring relief to patients over the Christmas period. It was also my habit to allocate the total amount of fines paid by players during the season to charity, again for these facts.

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