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Olivicola Cosentina Società Cooperativa is looking for a communications company in Canada

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Photo by Melina Kiefer on Unsplash

Association Olivicola Cosentina Cooperative A call for tenders has been launched through an open competitive procedure to select an organization responsible for the implementation of a three-year program on the promotion of agricultural products and information in third countries.EU olive oil: quality ad sustainability on your tableIn Canada.

The tender has as its object a A triennial information and publicity campaign in Canada The objectives, methods and results expected from the social policy must be carried out from the beginning of the contract to the end of the same.

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In particular, the successful tenderer shall perform and manage the following functions:

  • Public relations and press office operations / organization of press events / partnerships with micro-influencers;
  • Portal creation, updating, maintenance and SEO strategy;
  • Setting up and managing official accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, content production and community management;
  • Advertising (Social Media);
  • Communication tools and material (photographic images and communication material below);
  • Participation in international trade fairs;
  • B2B workshops with importers, distributors and retailers;
  • educational tours;
  • Communication strategy, graphic design and visual identity.

The contract, with a non-renewable period of 36 months, has a value of 924,500.00 euros excluding VAT.

The deadline for receipt of offers or requests to participate is 15 December 2022 12. Offers will be opened on 19 December 2022 at 9 o’clock.

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