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Amazon virtual assistant downtime in Europe –

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Amazon Echo smart speakers and Alexa app not working. Problems with Amazon Alexa Assistant, on the morning of January 21

There are those who did not wake up because the alarm did not go off. Who couldn’t hear today’s news? And whoever stays in the dark: the smart lights don’t work. On the morning of January 21 Alexa is not responding. Amazon’s virtual assistant – the most popular and used – in Down across Europe from about 7.45am, as DownDetector points out. There are reports from Italy, but also from Spain, From France, From Germany And from United kingdom. The last two are the two countries with the most users who are left without an assistant, but also perhaps because they are the most popular areas of Alexa.

Users who tried to ask Alexa about something replied I’m sorry at the moment I can’t understand. or There was a problem connecting to the network, please try again later. Many have taken to Twitter to find explanations using the hashtag #Alexa Down.

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