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Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse, review

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The multiverse is a concept we know eerily much about by now: something of a fad has emerged in recent years; Everyone talks about it, but not everyone manages to do it as they like, not even Marvel Studios Who imprint a new movie epic on the multiverse. Perhaps that’s also why Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – which is relatively unrelated to Marvel Studios – is rated Sony And Columbia Pictures—hits the nail in the head: plays the multiverse card so well it almost fades into the background.

A sequel to 2018’s excellent Spider-Man: A New World, one of the few feature films to snatch the annual Academy Award from Disney films, the new film takes us back to that dimension between where Spider-Man license is, a little “Sony” and a little Marvel, and where the superhero is. The novel is not the historical Peter Parker, but the young man Miles Morales. Born from Brian Michael Bendis and very Italian penciler Sarah Picelli in 2011, Miles has gained increasing popularity over the years, taking on the leading role even in video games with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales by Insomniac.

In short, we cannot miss the appointment with the cinema and in our role Spider-Man: Via Spider-Verse review We will explain why it is worth buying a ticket for the next show.

New multiverse

Spider-Gwen is the other great protagonist of Across the Spider-Verse

If five years have passed for us, in this feature film, only one has passed since the protagonist and the other Spider-Man saved the multiverse, seemingly saying goodbye. since miles He’s grown up faster than expected, embracing a boring superhero identity while torn between his frustrations and those of his parents, Jeff and Ryo, who feel he’s drifting away like any other teenager. also Gwen Things are not going well: increasingly, the girl finds solace in a team of interdimensional heroes who, led by a grim spider-man named Miguel O’Hara, fight to protect the multiverse from interference that threatens to break its so-called “canon”.

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When one of these interventions – staina mad scientist turned into a creepy villain by an Alchemax accelerator explosion in the first film – targeting Miles himself, the latter ending up getting involved in a story much bigger than himself, though he is unaware of its hero.

On this trick book Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – Authors of a new world indeed, but also of the beautiful The LEGO Movie – concoct a story more straightforward than expected, and whose nuances matter most of all: Gwen at times more central than Miles, who takes most of the movie as a spectator, dragged by events and point The fulcrum of each conflict, not only superhero, but also familial and emotional. Across the Spider-Verse is a movie that finds its square in these conflicts: they are far more important than chases or battles between superhumans and speak to each age in a different way.

In Across the Spider-Verse, there are children’s fears of growing up and also, perhaps above all, the fear parents feel of letting them go. Lord and Miller describe this Generational conflict – If desired, turn several stories of young superheroes – with incredible sensitivity and naturalness, thanks to the exceptional expressiveness of the characters in computer graphics.

Miles vs. Blur, the main antagonist of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
Miles vs. Blur, the main antagonist of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

So it’s no surprise that the film’s antagonists – especially Blur – are well-characterised. So, “antagonists” is a word roughly close to some of the letters and the way Lord and Miller manage to write it, without it sounding obvious or predictable. Put in those terms, Across the Spider-Verse might seem like an unusually heavy action movie, in that Introspection is more important than actionwhich is partly true, too: the movie tends to slow down in the central part, but it does so gradually and in a measured way, without feeling like an abrupt halt.

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We tell you right away that the first part of the movie is the least convinced of it, with a chaotic series of clashes and chases that tend to be very confused; On the other hand, it is language A film that constantly hybridizes scenarios, visual solutions, and tonal choices belonging to different universes – thus, fictional universes. But after overcoming a stumbling block to a perhaps overly frantic start, Across the Spider-Verse takes place with rare poise and even changes tone, becoming more mature with the heroes as the stakes rise and we approach the final minutes, tense and pressing, thanks too. Almost perfect music by Daniel Pemberton.

One Thousand and One Spider-Man

One popular meme appears in a scene from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
One popular meme appears in a scene from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

And if there’s one thing Across the Spider-Verse does well, it’s what we’ll commonly know today fan servicealthough it would be an offense to call it that in this context: it is in the service of the narrative, as a kind of game that the film plays with the viewer, but without daring to freeze the frame to identify all the Spider-Mans that appear in the general headquarters of Spider community. While the film is filled with increasingly different and illogical characters, even in the visual language in which they are represented, Lord and Miller continue the meticulous work of Reunion Which Marvel Studios tie into the various Spider-Man movies after the events of No Way Home. But we won’t tell you anything else so as not to spoil the surprise.

Jessica Drew is one of the new additions to the Across the Spider-Verse cast
Jessica Drew is one of the new additions to the Across the Spider-Verse cast

Across the Spider-Verse rips up canonical metafiction with a series of daring solutions that have the potential to question every outcome. However, we’ll have to wait at least next year to find out how the story plays out: the new film concludes with an ending slopes which refers to the third and final movie, Behind the spider verse. This may be the only flaw in a film that is a moment of transition, a kind of bridge, and can easily be compared to The Empire Strikes Back from Star Wars: The direction For Six Hands by Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, and Justin K. Thompson compresses and enhances the conceptual ideas of the first film thanks to a major technical improvement. via spider-verse Visually stunninga computer-graphics film of rare beauty that dares and surprises, even if it isn’t always what we’d hoped because some of the ideas harken back to the first film.

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In any case, it is impossible to remain indifferent: Across the Spider-Verse is a fileA deep cinematic experience which slips away in an instant, despite the fact that it runs for nearly two and a half hours, and which fans of Arrampicamuri should thoroughly enjoy in good cinema.

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