September 22, 2023

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Branchiaroli: “Enough of the films about Naples, as if Italy were just a band of Neapolitans”

Branchiaroli: “Enough of the films about Naples, as if Italy were just a band of Neapolitans”

editorial boardJuly 2, 2022 12:11

The actor and director pointed an accusing finger at the decadence of Italian cinema: “I watch very few films.”

Franco BranciaroliThe 75-year-old actor, in an interview with Rolling Stone, spoke about the Italian cultural crisis in relation to Italian theater and cinema. It is a long analysis in which he also touches on the dominance of Naples in cinema. “I don’t watch anything. Except when they tell me a good movie. But there are few of them. Italian cinema is ridiculous, it’s always part amateur. It’s festive cinema,” Roman Polanski also said. “He’s right. Look with Korean or American and English cinema. It’s time to stop making all the films about Naples…”.

Are you referring to Paolo Sorrentino? “Oh yeah, come on, we’re broken! It’s as if Italy were just a band of Neapolitans.”

Could they take her in Naples? “But I don’t care! You have to know something. My generation, born in 47 with the smell of pyrite still in the air, had American culture as pop culture. They know their respect better. Italian, I don’t know who Gaetano Salvimini is, but I know all about Benjamin Franklin, and my cinema culture took shape, since I was six I’ve been going to the cinema every day, and I’ve seen three films a day. Without choosing which one, why not be wrong. Italian films, compared to the American ones, were more difficult for people to understand” .

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