Home entertainment Battiston in Rovigo: “I Love You”

Battiston in Rovigo: “I Love You”

Battiston in Rovigo: “I Love You”

Duomo cinema with Giuseppe Battiston sold, the beloved Italian actor, is making his directorial debut with “Io vivowhere”. The representative of Friulian origins, who in this work put himself to the test as an actor, director, screenwriter and producer, was greeted with long applause, a sign of great appreciation and affection from the Rovigo audience. “How lovely you are – he began – too much. I feel not only appreciation from you, but also affection. Here, I reciprocate this affection: I love you.” After this first salute, the film begins, which tells a fictional story based on Flaubert’s novel “Bovard and Picchet”. Battiston explained that “the characters are a little mistreated by Flaubert, whom we love, and we re-evaluate”. The writing of the film was developed jointly with Marco Pettenello, and he is already the pen of other films, such as “Il grande passo”, shot in Polesine and “As long as there is prosecco, there is hope”.

Photography is very impressive Good care, which respects this central rural matrix. It is a return of the protagonist, Fausto, to his Friulian origins, in the company, however, of another Fausto, very well played by Rolando Ravello who becomes his accomplice in the constant failure of a rural life that is not so simple as it seemed. They both live from two different wounds but with a common denominator of unity. Loneliness they fight together, like dreamers.

At the end of the show, Giuseppe Battiston He returned to the room to answer questions from the audience, who actively participated in the final discussion for a long time. “It was intense—but beautiful—to give shape to this fairy tale,” says Battiston. “I discovered the amount of space between the director’s time and the actor’s time. The word ‘time’ is also central to this work as it is expanded many times over, respecting the cycles of nature.”

He adds:I’ve worked with actors who were also authors, not just performers. Each of them made their own contribution to his personality. With this film, I am also interested in talking about education in a world like the one we live in which is often lacking. And here these two Fabius, with their spontaneity and positivity, continue to address each other until the very end. The only time they give up is when they lose their temper with each other.” Finally, Battiston expects that he already has the idea for the next film that will see him more present as a director rather than an actor.


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