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“Tristi is the capital of science, not anti-science culture no fax” – salute

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“In the public space, we also hear the voice of the vast majority of citizens who have been vaccinated” because “Trieste is not the Italian capital that does not have a green corridor and an anti-science culture”, on the contrary, “Tristi is the Italian capital that trusts science and science”.

It is a passage from the text of the petition “Appello a Trieste”, which began collecting signatures by Mitja Gialuz, teacher and “sponsor” of the Barcolana Regatta, and Tiziana Benossi, attorney and president of the CRTrieste Foundation.

This is the first spontaneous response to this part of the community made up of vaccinated people, mostly in Trieste, to protest against the mandatory nature of the Green Passage and against vaccination in general.

“Trieste is a community of rational, responsible and conscientious people with whom we can only weather the storm together. Each bears responsibility to others – text of the petition – Vaccine gives us the freedom to be, work, do business, study in class and universities, cultivate one’s interests, and resume social life exercise and travel.

“Those who fight vaccines and the green corridor must not jeopardize these liberties and the health of citizens, they cannot harm the economy.”

Below, the full text of the appeal and the first 100 sites:
Appeal to Trieste
In recent weeks, our city has been the scene of demonstrations against the Green Passage: hence the idea that Trieste is the Italian capital that has neither Green Passage, nor Green Passage, and anti-flag culture.
Trieste is not this. And he wants to say it out loud.
Trieste is the Italian capital of scientific and scientific societies. It is a city that has suffered from an epidemic that has claimed many lives, made many people suffer and depressed the economy.
Trieste is a rational, responsible and conscious society that can only weather the storm together. Each with taking responsibility for others.
The vaccine restores our freedom. freedom of treatment. Freedom to work and do business. Freedom of study inside the classroom and universities. Freedom to pursue individual interests and resume social life. Freedom to exercise and travel.
Those who struggle against vaccines and the green corridor must not put these freedoms and the health of citizens at risk; It cannot harm the economy.
In the public space we also hear the voice of the vast majority of citizens who have been vaccinated, putting themselves in safety and fulfilling the duty of social solidarity, engraved in art. 2 of the Constitution, and it is stipulated by the highest civil and religious authorities.
The time for responsibility has come. from everything.

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Mitja Giallos is a university professor and lawyer
Tiziana Benoussi’s lawyer

the undersigned
Roberto de Linarda is University Professor and President of the University of Trieste
Don Ettore Malnati, President of the Cultural Association Studium fidei
Zeno D’Agostino, President of the Port System Authority of the High Adriatic
Katrina Petrillo, President of the Science Park District
Massimo Banicia Entrepreneur, President of Api FVG, Honorary President of the CRTrieste Foundation
Michelangelo Agrosti, President of Confindustria Alto Adriatico
Antonio Paoletti, President of the Chamber of Commerce
Gianfranco Sinagra University Professor, Director of Cardiology
Christina Brandolin, President of the Nursing Union of Trieste
Francesco Granbassi, President of Politeama Rossetti
Ferdinando Avarino Journalist, Director of Tele4
Actress Ariella Reggio
Andrea Koronica Basketball player, former captain of Trieste Basketball Team
Nicola Casagli, Director of OGS
Federico Baccorini, businessman
Mauro Jacquet is a university professor, former Director General of ICGEB
Federica Soban President of FIPE Trieste
Ricardo Illy is a businessman
Fabio Barbon is a university professor
lino pillow actor
Francesco Peroni, Professor and Former Dean of the University of Trieste
Andrea Polaco, exactly the president
Donatella Radini, Vice-President of the Trieste Nursing Professions Syndicate
Enrico Samer is a businessman
Roberto Decarli Ferreira retires
Elena Giannello, President of Calicanto Onlus
Music director Luigi Vignando and concert organizer
Donatella Salvadi is retired
Alessandro Marcelo Virologist ICGEB
Marco Rodriguez is a worker and a dreamer
Franco Mariani CEO TTP
Massimiliano Lakota, President of the Federation of Istrians
Restaurant owner Bruno Vesnaver, Vice President of FIPE
Anna Gregorio is a university professor
Roberto Antonioni, Physician, Secretary General of the Institute
Giovanni Calvani Restaurant
Franco del Campo Olympic columnist
Lily Samer, Businesswoman, President of AIDDA
Manetti Bros Managers
Retired Fulvio Zonta, Logistics Expert
Carlo Moscatelo President of the FVG Press Association
Federico Bolucci, Chairman of the FVG Film Commission
Daniela Luchetta, President of the Luchetta Association
Christina Libangi Albergatris
Andrea De Manzini is a pediatrician
Trade unionist Alberto Monteco CISL
Nicolò de Manzini University Professor, Director of the Department of Medicine and Surgery
Francesca Petaco’s Travel Guide
Marco Confalonieri University Professor, Director of Pulmonology
Ariella Bertossi Educator, Principal
Umberto Lucangelo University Professor, Director of the Emergency Department
Etta Carignani President of ANDE
Maurizio Fermilia, Professor and former President of the University of Trieste
Umberto Bosazzi is a journalist
Paulo Santangelo, Secretary General of the CrTrieste Foundation
Michelangelo Hauser, businessman
Written by Alessandro Messina Luna
Graziella Santin quit
Businessman Eddie Krause
Marcella Scapar, athlete and champion, former president of Atleti Azzurri d’Italia
Bruno Zvich, Director of the Adriatic Academy
Paola Storisi, a synchrotron researcher
Nicola Cassio, Olympic Swimming Champion, President of Atleti Azzurri d’Italia
Michel Gazzello, retired and former trade unionist
Francesco Baresi, businessman
Alberto Costoris lawyer
Director of Maurizio Pesato
Director of Nursing Consuelo Consuelo Asugi
Marco Bono, businessman
Walter Zikeni Restaurant
Written by Pietro Spirito
Michela Falaboria, Entrepreneur
Professor Serena Zacchini University
Businessman Igor Philipsi
Barbara Franchin, founder of ITS
Vittorio Petrocco, businessman
Owner of Fabio Benosi’s restaurant
Director of the company Marco Bochicchio
Marco Pontine, model and director of the Melia Theatre
Adalberto Donaggio retired, former president of CCIAA
Nicoletta Romeo, Director of the Trieste Film Festival
Paulo Valerio, coach of Politeama Rossetti
Accountant Matteo Montesano
Gabrio Delissano has retired
Stefano Fantoni International Foundation Director, Former Director of SISSA and Promoter of ESOF
Giorgio Tamburlini Pediatrician, epidemiologist, former scientific director of Borlo Garofolo
Francesco Zaya is a university professor
Director of Roberto Della Marina
Alexandros Dilithanasi is a businessman, publisher and bookseller
Retired Enzo D’Antona, former director of Il Piccolo
Dr. Fabrizio Monti
Francesco Di Filippo is a journalist
Director of Nico Costa
Cynthia Esposito, businesswoman
Francesco Rossetti Kosulich, businessman
Doctor Alessandro Chiarandini
Forio Baldace, retired journalist
Stefano Norsi Businessman, President of FIAIP Trieste
Fabio Staderini, director of the health facility
Matteo Bartoli, graphic designer

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