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Press Release: All A-Twitter With Adult Twitter Novel

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A male escort is turning his talents to producing an adult oriented Twitter novel.

It's been done. Twitter novels haven't really taken the world by storm. While some cultures seem to enjoy them most find them uninteresting and unfulfilling. “There is just not enough detail there to hold your interest,” said one Twitter novel reader. “Unless it comes in dozens of Tweets a day, and then its just annoying.”

This readers opinion of Twitter novels reflects that of many of the readers, so why is Brent Tluan offering up an adult Twitter novel? In one of the many online forums someone commented that an adult Twitter novel would be like looking at pornography a few pixels at a time. Brent figures he can make this work for him though.

“Working as an escort,” Brent says “helped me to realize something. It's not just the final big bang that makes something so fun and exciting, it's the teasing and tantalizing that slowly builds up and down and back up that makes the adventure so incredible.”

Brent is planning on taking Twitter readers on an adventure or two of their own. Breath Of The Dragon, an adult Twitter novel will come out in 140 character tweets, no more than three a day. The tweets will allow you to follow the story and keep up on the interesting parts. If you want all the sordid details though you will have to follow the tweets to the Breath Of The Dragon blog where the tweets will be filled out with all the descriptions and details that make a novel so interesting.

“I am very excited about this,” says Mr. Tluan. “It gives me a chance to share some of my experiences as an escort in a fun and exciting way while still being discreet about my clientele.”

If you want to follow Breath Of The Dragon just follow Dragonsect at Twitter. And if you want all the juicy details and story line just go to


Contact: Brent Tluan

Company Name: Deep Intimacy Escorts


Twitter: Dragonsect

Web Site Address:


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