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ZOLA / The Journey to American Prostitution, as it was said on one of the social networks

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With the change in social and personal communication, the telling gesture changes accordingly. in 2015 Twitter A series of tweets telling a daring story emerges at the time route (Series of posts and discussions start from one topic) and the participating heroes rolling rock Dedicate an article and from that article I was born Zola, the Tweet embed, the film that was a small case of the American indie universe, the second film directed by Yanisa Bravo.

The protagonist is Zola of the nickname (Taylor Page), a waitress participating in a pole dance tour for dancer Stephanie (Riley Keough); On the tour there is also X (Colman Domingo), Empsario, but actually a kind of protector, and Derrek (Nicholas Brown), which is not a simple club-dancing tour, but it will be a paradoxical journey through the folds of American prostitution.

Bravo begins, with Jeremy O. Harris, from David Kushner’s article and from the tweets of Asiah King – the real Zola – to write a dramatic comedy that chooses the path of refined and refined originality to present the fragmented nature of the new. Pictures are a way of telling and telling oneself that social networks have brought it with them and at the same time looking for a proper look at the stages of sex and bodies in the age when group porn and paid sex have become a viral issue.

Nothing futuristic, in fact, Zola He wants to reconnect with the way cinema is made and construct images that seem to come from another era and seek another world in comparison to the filth of the story: the pastel colors printed by director of photography Ari Wegner, the imaginative and dreamy notes. To support desperate groups and places, ironically, a reinterpretation of cinema dedicated to white trash, i.e. social slums, sub-culture gangs Of African American descent, through aesthetic elements that overturn poverty and at the same time give it a critical view. Above all, Bravo has been able to visualize and compose an idea for a story in images that are fully aware of the digital nature out of which that story was born: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and moving from one app to another, the director turns to constantly breaking the beat, however, creating a trend that makes Organically disintegrating, colors and filters are used with elegant creativity, Mika Levi’s voices and music blend into a sound flow perfect for an era. scroll for him tik tok.

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This intricate and refined detailing of the patterns allows the film to be able to address its own subject matter without falling into the traps that topics such as prostitution open under the feet of those who deal with it: the female gaze and the alternate way of visualizing the sequences and shots allow the director to demystify prostitution, eliminating the moral tragedy that It is said always and at the same time to show actresses’ bodies without disease, but it is ironic to think of the emptiness of perfection, as well as overturning the laws of truth that we automatically associate with first-person stories.

Zola (Available for rent on all platforms) It is truly a compelling and at times luminous surprise, using frivolity to generate thought, working on shots that explore the potential of the image as an object and thus understanding the deep, disturbing, or inspiring sensation it depends on. From their uses, from new media, and from their changing relationship to word, thought, and tangible gestures. That everything passes from sex and eroticism, more than the sign of the age, is a reflection of human beings (usually males).

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