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Cannes: Un Certain Regard Surprisingly Won First Film – Ultima Ora

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(Photo by Giorgio Giusetti) (ANSA) – Cannes, May 27 – Against all odds, Valeria Golino (chairman) and the jury of the second Cannes competition were drawn to the beautiful Ukrainian film “Butterfly Vision” by Maxim Nkonchny, French LES PIRES, Liz’s first work Akoka and Romain Guerrett win the most awaited prizes at Un Certain Regard.

The story of a gang of children from the French territory who are chosen to take part in the filming of a film despite the fact that everyone in the city knows that they are “the worst”, the film will be distributed in Italy by I Wonder. . A smile that is not at all embarrassing Valeria Golino, accompanied by the director of the festival on stage, then instigated the other prizes awarded, not to mention the high level of the competing works and the difficulty of choosing with head and heart .

Hence the jury’s “coup de coeur” honoring one of the most creative and adrenaline-fueled films of the year, RODEO by Lola Quivoron. The best screenplay is by Maha Hajj, Director of MEDITERRANEAN FEVER. The best cast are Vicki Krebs for CORSAGE and Adam Besa for HARKA (both true revelations); Best direction goes to Alexandru Belc for METRONOM, but another excellent award, the Jury Prize, honors JOYLAND by Sim Sadiq which Pakistan won for the first time in Cannes. A brave choice for the author as it is a love story between a scion of a religious and traditional family and a seductive dancer. Overall, a very well-balanced referee, however, has the advantage of highlighting at least two talents who could soon take the main competition path where they wouldn’t have been tarnished even in this edition of the festival.


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