September 25, 2023

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Greta Gerwig Terrified About Her Next Chronicles Of Narnia Movie: ‘I’m Scared’

Greta Gerwig Terrified About Her Next Chronicles Of Narnia Movie: ‘I’m Scared’

his colorful world Barbie He invades the halls of half the world, but for the sake of Greta Gerwig It is indeed time to look forward. boss Ladybug And little Women You will move into fantasy territory: a few days ago it was announced in reality will direct New adaptation of records Narnia – It will not be an easy task.

She admitted it herself during an interview with the Total Film podcast, and she didn’t hide that face C.S. Lewis novel series It’s already giving her some headaches. Gerwig spoke openly about fear, saying:I haven’t really started rolling up my sleeves on the project yet, however I’m really afraid of that, which seems like a good starting point to me. I think when I’m scared it’s always a good sign. When I stop being one, I’ll probably think maybe it’s not the right time to make this movie. to hand in, I’m terrified of that. It is unusual. exciting

The logic may be a twisted thread, but it’s clear: it’s the fear Greta Gerwig feels that drives her to commit to making an adaptation that can convince critics and fans. However, his intentions for his career are clear, and he announced it on the same occasion: «I hope to be able to make different types of films in the time I have to make them – they will be very long but also limited. I want to do things big and small and everything in between so having another painting of this magnitude is inspiring and daunting as well»

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new project on The Chronicles of NarniaRemember, it was Announced by Netflix in 2018. The platform immediately made clear its intention to make more films, which would resume the cycle of novels that had already been adapted into Trilogy made by Disney It was released between 2005 and 2010.

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