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Ice hockey: the Girls Project experiment continues –

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Women’s Series

Eagles Sodtirol Alto Adeje – HC Girls Draft 8-0

There’s nothing to do for the wannabe Aosta girls who are trying to limit the damage, facing the top, historic masters of National Women’s Hockey. Unfortunately, the match starts badly right away: after just 18 seconds, the hosts are ahead. The rest of the match is played with one goal. Regular champion Sarah Bailey hits 65 of the 73 shots that came towards her goal. The rest is just an experience.

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Fanano Miners – HC Aosta Gladiators 2-11

A win-win trip to Emilia for boys led by Centauri. First half Gianni Matatori with two assists and a goal allows Valle d’Aosta to advance to 0-3. In the first goal for the hosts, he responded a few seconds after Cervini who closed out Dartle’s first game with a score of 1-4. Tommaso Rossi, in a power play, scores the fifth goal and again, to a goal from the hosts, Negrelo responds immediately (it will be his hat-trick of the evening) and closes the second in a row with a comfortable goal 2-6 . Finally it’s all up to the Gladiators, who have a definitive 0-5, leaving Emilia with 3 points.

HC Merano – HC Aosta Gladiators 1-14

He studied ice hockey, said the South Tyroleans in the stands. Against the difficult, angular, aggressive (sometimes so foul, that one of our players once again had to resort to hospital treatment), the boys of coach Giovinazzo defeated the field with a score of 0-7, 0-0, 0-7, but above all with A solid play ratio of 9 goals out of 9 chances, making Valle d’Aosta’s strong side the best in Italy. On the score sheet Fraschetta (3), Carbone (2), Kantioler (2) Lenta (2), Movchan, De Santi, Torchio Luca, Crivellari, Mazzocchi

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under 13

HC Storm Pinerolo – HC Varese 4-3

The power of play at the end of the game was fatal for the boys, led by Century, who played a great game. The hosts pass in the 13th minute to double their lead just two seconds into the third period. “Gladiators” Varese, in six minutes they get a draw. In the 53rd minute, Pinerolo took the lead again and, thanks to a solid play, brought the score to 4-2 with just 25 seconds left. Never tamed, the Century Boys throw themselves into the attack and with two seconds to go, they find their third target.

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