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PlayStation, Sony’s new handheld console rumor mill –

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Sony He was working on a new one Play Station from a kind of portable After the PS Vita, and according to YouTuber RedGamingTech, the project had already faced a redesign in the early stages of development.

In fact, it’s already been a while since there were rumors of a great comeback for PlayStation Portable, but then Common On the subject they stopped trading and nothing else is known. Now it looks like the rumors are back in the spotlight, in conjunction with those on the PS5 Pro.

“I heard Sony is working on one of them New portable unitRedGamingTech wrote: “It is difficult to say whether these projects will see the light of day or be scrapped. As far as I know, the mobile device has already undergone at least one redesign in the early stages of development.”

If the console in question will indeed see the light, then the Japanese house understands that this part can still return satisfaction, after the not entirely exciting results of the PlayStation Vita.

After all, the Nintendo Switch shows that it can be done very well and even the first results for Steam Deck look encouraging: it all depends on what kind of show you’re going to have.

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