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Is there a risk that it will collapse?

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The European Union is facing increasing difficulties. Inflation is actually getting higher and higher, and in many countries it is now approaching 10%.

In Italy, the inflation rate has reached 8% and that means that for many families And a lot of the companies that are going forward are getting really tough.


Most importantly, energy costs and raw material costs. In fact, many Italian companies precisely because of the ups The costs of energy, gas and raw materials are facing great difficulty in production.

Economy in difficulty and the return of the kings

In fact, it is not necessary to imagine that the high costs of energy and gas only burden families.


Expensive gas and energy are also a big problem for companies. Indeed, today in Italy as well as throughout Europe, many companies are in danger of closing due to the high cost of raw materials and energy. But this gives new power to sovereign governments. In fact, across Europe, sovereign parties compete aggressively with the European Union. What the EU objects to is its preference for absolute centralist policies that are far removed from the real needs of people, especially the poorest.

Who wants the end of the European Union?

The euro is also hotly contested. In fact, the euro is a currency whose value is determined on the table by the European Central Bank and which does not adjust to it The real needs are completely different from country to country. Indeed, many in Italy lament the lira that could easily have been devalued. In short, the problems of the European Union are not lacking e If a recession is indeed to arrive, as many fear, European authorities will end up in the crossfire. Indeed, with a strong recession and very high inflation, social tension may rise and Europe might end up in the dock. Indeed, many analysts predict that in the coming months, formations largely hostile to the European Union will come to power in various European countries. And who will call for major treaty reviews? In a difficult and difficult situation like the current one, it is not surprising that the European authorities are the scapegoats.

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Putin and inflation

With families becoming increasingly poor and jobs increasingly at risk, it is clear that the EU He ends up on the dock and risks hesitating. In all this, Putin certainly played a decisive role. Europe launched very difficult packages of Penalties against Russia to punish it for the dangerous attack on Ukraine. But Putin was well aware that he could not respond to sanctions with other sanctions, and yet his response was equally harsh and heavy. In fact, by cutting off the gas supply and making it difficult for much of the raw material to reach, It made the economic situation in Europe even more complicated, and today the wrath of business families threatens to put European institutions into difficulties.

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