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New image shows mysterious caves to explore –

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starfield It goes back to showing itself with very little taste, in this case.”picture Which, however, does not represent the actual game but does represent something about its atmosphere: it is actually an official artwork centered around a mysterious element Cave to explore.

“What wonders will you discover in the distant caves?” Request the tweet accompanying the image in question, which was posted by the official Starfield account in these hours. Thus, it is an invitation to discovery, emphasizing the accentexploration Which will be the basis of the gaming experience in the new title from Bethesda.

Unfortunately, it is still a very marginal material, being a simple material clarification, but they could help us get to the right atmosphere and show how, in addition to the vast interstellar spaces and planetary surfaces, it would also be possible to explore the darkest and narrowest places on distant planets to visit.

spirit Discovery Exploration appears to be the foundation of the entire Starfield experience, which presents itself as a science-fiction adventure partly rooted in science reality and partly inspired by classics of the genre understood in the most creative and romantic sense.

On the other hand, it appears that Bethesda has no intention of showing anything actually taken from the game until the time is set, which will likely happen around E3 for 2022, also according to Todd Howard in the video message. Greeting card published a few days ago. In the meantime, the Starfield Steam page appeared, from which it turned out that it will not be dubbed into Italian.

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