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Dink Smallwood HD is the free RPG you didn’t know you needed –

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Dink Smallwood HD It is the revised and patched version of the much loved action RPG from the late ’90s. GOG reissued it through its distribution FreeMoreover, in the redesigned version, giving everyone the opportunity to play it without spending anything.

Developed by Robinson Technologies and released in 1997, when the independent scene was not yet in fashion, Dink Smallwood HD is distinguished by a sense of humor, typical of those years, which creates truly funny and surreal situations, among hens running without splashing the head with blood. And characters end their existence tragically, but always with a smile on their lips.

Dink Smallwood HD on GOG

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The title actually seems to parody Lucas Guybrush Threepwood, some heartwarming dimensions of the protagonist, a pig farmer from Stonebrook Village, who murdered his mother and set the house on fire while he was out. In search of a new life with his aunt, we meet in an evil cult, which begins to fight to save the kingdom.

Despite the years, Dink Smallwood HD has created a community of fans who keep developing expansions for the game. You can find it here: your religion network.

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