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Press Release: CHRISTIAN NEWS! New E-Book Released By Michael Anthony Gagliardi With A Message Of Revelation

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New Christian Author Michael Anthony Gagliardi Lead By The Holy Spirit To This E-Book Called A Divine Connection With A Message From God Says, "I'm Very Humbled By The Great Comments From all the Readers of this book."

A Divine Connection With A Message From God subtitle "Michael!" Yes Lord. "Tell My People The Truth!" is a must read new Christian e book just released Nov. 2010 by publisher Archieboy Holdings, LLC.

Millionaire mentor/author Darren Little from Vancouver, BC states "A very enlightening and powerful message. A great read." Lisa Coppeto from FL states "Awesome book written by an amazing person who is on fire for the Lord and was inspired to write this book!" Sonya Pratt from FL states "AWESOME!!!!!! Praise Lord for giving you the avenue to testify and share His Word!!!!!!!! Michael, the book is awesome. This is on my list to recommend for everyone to read!!! Very easy reading but eye awakening, informative and down to earth!!!!!!

    When Michael Anthony Gagliardi was asked why he wrote the book he stated, "What really inspired me to write this book, was the fact that, everyday I see so many Christian people, even some in my close family, that are so unhappy with life. They always seem to struggle with everything, but yet they say that they believe in God, go to church and even pray to God. Well, during the reading of this book, you will learn and discover, what it will really takes, so you can start living a life more abundantly in every situation that comes across your life's journey here on earth, until we enter the kingdom of Heaven."

    Michael also stated, "I was lead by the Holy Spirit to write this book to share with God's people, the real and only truth, which is the living words of God. In these end times as you can see what is going on in this world, people need to know and understand the real truth, that will allow them to live their lives here on earth with true peace, true love, true joy and true happiness no matter what their facing or going through in life in this crazy world." This e book ISBN 9781456600129 can be purchase online at all the major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes&Noble etc. or at Michael Anthony Gagliardi's website at in every format readers.<wbr />watch?v=HO5QxiYBcwU

A percentage of the net profits of this book will be given to the many ministries noted in this book, who help the needy and further the kingdom of Heaven.

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