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The absurd story behind the movie

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Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, starring Tom Cruise as Ray Ferrier, was inspired by the 1987 novel of the same name by writer H.G. Wells. It was produced and distributed, in 2005, by Dreamworks and Paramount Pictures.

during filming , Spielberg He felt it was necessary to maintain some secrecy regarding certain aspects of the film. That is why, until the end of filming, neither the actors nor the crew were aware of the appearance of aliens.

It will be possible to watch the movie Tonightin the second round, in Italy 1Around 23:00.

The plot of “War of the Worlds”

the hero of the story, Ray Ferrerwith interpretation Tom Cruise, is a common docker who lives in a small town in New Jersey. The time frame of events affects the weekend, during which Ray was supposed to keep sons.

Rachelplayed before Dakota FanningAnd rubyembodied by Justin ChatwinThey see their father only once a month. They live, in fact, with his ex-wife Ray, Mary Annplayed before Miranda Otto.

In fact, over the weekend, Ray noticed that there were large clouds in the sky from which they began to rise Lightning crash on the ground. send this phenomenon tilt Most electronic equipment, including cars and watches.

At this point, in an effort to shed some light on the situation, Ray went downtown, intent on finding out what was going on. On the way, however, the Earth begins broke down And from under the ground come strange machines alien pregnant women. The man managed to escape from the general chaos and survive, thus he decided to escape with his children in a car that he managed to fix.

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First, he goes to Mary Ann’s house. Finding no one, he finally decided to spend the night safely in the cellar, despite the sounds of explosions coming from outside. The next day, Ray finds out that a real event is happening alien invasionHe will find himself fighting in the army to save his family.

What sparked panic in the United States

In fact, Spielberg is not the first transfer of the novel by Wells. In the 1938In fact, a certain radio broadcast has gone down in history due to the chaos it has caused nearly a million American citizens.

To be precise, during the radio broadcast “Mercury Theater live“, The October 30, 1938For the next Halloween, Wells implemented his idea. So he wanted to turn the novel into a radio broadcast that narrates the events.

war of the worlds book

at 20:00The dance music program aired with an advertisement was cut short. A cloud of gas, hydrogen in particular, was said to be moving toward Earth at high speed, after causing several explosions on the surface of the Earth. Mars.

To make everything reasonable, as well as convey “the news“Infrequently, experts were hired the noiseAnd technicians From broadcast newspapers to fake newspapers witnesses Lenses that, with their statements, that would give more pity to the transmission.

In fact, phantom reporters kept talking about a meteorShe fell New Jersey. They told what was, in general terms, the initial plot of the novel, and talked about extraterrestrials emerging from Earth and killing victims.

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War of the Worlds, a fairy tale and real chaos

Welles had no intention of Deceive listeners. In fact, at the beginning of the program, 40 minutes later and then towards the end, they kept repeating that what was transmitted was pure imagination.

This was not enough, however, to prevent around Million Americans panicked. In fact, many New Jersey citizens began to flee, blocking highways and police phone lines.

It is estimated that listeners were about to broadcast the radio 6000000. Of these, less than 20% He became convinced that the events reported were real, so the situation could have had more catastrophic developments.

Some psychologists have argued that radio was, at the time, the main medium for Information. In addition to the broadcast quality, the news urged listeners to have a strong voice emotional reaction. This, in conclusion, did not cause them to confirm the veracity of the news but simply to panic.

Once the chaotic situation that arose was resolved and averted, the radio station received a reprimand from the feds, but no more than that. On the other hand, Orson Welles noted HollywoodWhich marked a major turning point in his career. In the 1941Indeed, thanks to him, a movie fourthIt is one of the most famous films in the history of cinema.

war of the worlds fake news

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