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Plot and cast the movie

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An intrusive mother risks blowing up the family business and the relationships between her two children: this is what happens in Rosamunde Pilcher Heavy Legacy2019 film directed by Heidi Kranz.

Rosamunde Pilcher Heavy Legacy, Plot

Lynette Dawson She wants to fulfill her late husband’s last wish and found an institution in his name. So he has to quit running his company to get natural remedies for kids Patrick And Robin And he hopes his daughter-in-law, too Kim And Marisa They will join the family business. The first abandons her career in London only in protest, and the other, a journalist, allows her engagement to Robin to break up completely. However, Lynette believes that everything is under control.

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Meanwhile, said Dr. Raymond Murphywho had a disagreement with him for years, diagnosed his symptoms Poisoning I have many young people who work there as part of a charitable project. On her first day at the company, Kim revealed a potential scandal with her clever social worker Dylan Reedwants to know how these poisoning symptoms occurred and what her mother-in-law had to do with it…

Rosamunde Pilcher heavy legacy cast

Lynette Dawson Ulrich Volkerts is depicted, while sons Patrick and Robin have faces respectively Max Hummersdorfer and Patrick Mulken. In the spit from the movie Rosamunde Pilcher Heavy Legacy Stars: Dirk Martens, Paula Schramm, Maja Celini Probst.

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