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From a distant galaxy comes a signal that seems to beat like a heart

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mysterious source

The source of the signal has not yet been determined. He thinks he’s one

a star


, that is, the collapsed cores of giant stars of very high density. These stars have a degree

Greater brilliance

over a million times compared to those studied in our galaxy. The discovery was published in the English Scientific Journal

temper nature


a heart that beats

The signal, which lasts about three seconds, is a thousand times higher than the average. The team of researchers who focused on the survey was led by Italians

Danielle Micheli

, within a very short time of the signal appearing – more blasts of radio waves. This is repeated every 0.2 seconds, resulting in one being selected




To remember hitting the


. The studies were conducted first at the Canadian headquarters of McGill University, and then at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

space scarcity

– Researcher Daniel Nechili stated that “there are not many things in the universe that emit such regular signals.” Among these, as mentioned by the head of the team that took care of the surveys, there are, for example,

Radio Pulsar

– neutron stars that appear to pulsate as they spin on themselves, and emit radio bursts – or le


Neutron stars in which radio flashes are due to high-intensity magnetic fields. The

new signal

will derive, however,

from an object



Compared to those already known.

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