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Turin, Aurora degenerated, I already regretted coming back from Canada

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In July I returned to Turin from abroad (Toronto, Canada) and allowed my two children (one-third of the way) to be surrounded by family and friends abroad after three years. As a resident of Aurora I found myself in a dilapidated city with little sense of urban decor and no serious crisis, where the shop is open, not even ashamed to hide from walking around with family. Children.

I regret every day my desire to book our first home outside of Turin and return, but I can not wait to leave it: but I have to be honest and look for my Canadian permanent residence card to be increasingly attractive. desire.

We are losing our city. With the population of Turin declining, the empty ant blocks of the ’60s, polluted former industrial areas, lush areas and children’s games filled with obscene characters and left with nothing but maintenance?

Can our citizens, new and old, learn to truly love this city and respect what it deserves? I ask the mayor only one thing: prove with the facts, that I am wrong quickly, and give me new impetus to stay.
Stefano tape

Kindergarten, playgrounds and museums: Ability to transcend critical issues
Dear Stefano,
Aurora is going through a period of change and I am aware of important issues. It has completely changed its housing structure with imbalances over the last fifteen years. But at the same time there are great opportunities and social vibrancy. The city operates on the potential of the district from an urban and socio-cultural perspective. Three nurseries were recently opened and the once dilapidated buildings were restored. Sports facilities such as polysermic have been built; Corzo Verselli’s orbit and, finally, the restoration of Corso Emilia are still ongoing. Near the Moscow Bridge, a few steps from Porta Palazzo, a brand new urban complex for living and working together will be built by 2023. The project will include the creation of a new urban park and a state-of-the-art building for the IoT University. In the renovated area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLargo Brescia, Lavasa’s “La Novola” opened with a museum and archive of history. A new purpose app is also planned for the former kindergarten via Alessandria. Borgo Rossini should become a university district. I hope you and your family can reclaim the neighborhood in the coming months. These are time consuming processes, but our commitment is maximized.
Stefano Lo Russo

Dear Mayor, I am writing to you

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