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Space: How do Muslim astronauts celebrate Ramadan with 16 sunsets a day?

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The pioneer astronaut
Source: Twitter / @ZainnRizvi

This week started for me Muslims around the world observation period Ramadan. Even an astronaut Emirate of Sultan Al Neyadicurrently in service at International Space Station (iss), will see this important Islamic calendar event, but many people are wondering: How do Muslim astronauts celebrate Ramadan in space?

the Ramadan It is part of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is dedicated to i Muslims Moment Meditation, community and prayer. It starts from the first sighting of the crescent moon to the next, as the Islamic calendar is a Lunar calendar, so this year it will run roughly from March 22nd to April 23rd. In this particular period, the great Muslims They fast from sunrise to sunset Wherever they are, but in International Space Station there okay 16 sunrises and sunsets each dayso this will not work in orbit.

Anyway, the iss uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), as well as the astronaut club His fast. like? There are exemptions aboard the space station where fasting can affect a person’s physical or mental health. Travelers may also be exempt, so Al Neyadi confirmed in a press conference in January that he would fall into this category.

As the astronaut explained club: Fasting is not mandatory if you are not feeling well. Therefore, we are actually allowed to eat enough food to prevent any escalation of food, nutrition or hydration deficiencies.” In addition, Al Neyadi will also celebrate during the six months he spent in Earth orbit Eid al-FitrIn the The end of RamadanAnd Eid al-Adhawhich will be celebrated on June July.

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