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What is Chimaera, Thrawn’s star destroyer

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This article is a guide for Canon. click here To read all our guides to canon material.

to’ISD (Imperial Star Destroyer) Illusion he is one Destroying star to first degree The modified Empire, commanded by an Imperial officer Throw During the Galactic Civil War. Throw db He maintained command of the Star Destroyer as he rose through the Imperial ranks, from Commodore to Admiral, and finally to Grand Admiral. Eventually, he became the pioneer 7th Fleet Entrusted to Thrawn himself.

Chimera was unique in that it had… A stylized representation of an illusion Engraved on the ventral side of the body. Thrawn was first exposed to artistic depictions of the Chimera as the leader of Chiss Expansion Defense Fleet db When he met an officer Bakush The name of the thing Uingali for Marocsaa. Uingali, fearing the extinction of his species at the hands of nicardonThrawn was entrusted with a double ring depicting the Chimera, a precious heirloom from the Marocsaa clan.

Many members of the Chimaera crew wore the stylized symbol of chimera on their arms or shoulder pads to show their loyalty to Thrawn. Chimaera’s second-in-command was the commander Karen FarrowWho took control of the ship when Thrawn wasn’t around. The other officers of the Chimera were senior lieutenants Lomar, Berundi And Evethe biggest AyerScience Captain Albus MarinetteAnd Thrawn’s assistant, Lt Eli Fanto db. The spacecraft bridge had its own team of officers.

During the Liberation of Lothal dbthe Chimera was pulled into hyperspace by space whales Burgel db He was summoned by a young rebel and Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger db. The destroyed star found herself on a planet Postal dbAnd with it he threw himself, Bridger and most of the crew. Young Bridger took advantage of the Purrgil’s hyperspace journey to Peridea to bring about this situation: the Purrgil did this as their last act in life before dying on the planet, which is why it is possible to go to Peridea but not back to the conventional galaxy.

Due to its nature as a modified Star Destroyer, the Chimaera had several differences compared to a conventional ISD. Unlike others It is imperial Which had large double-barreled turrets, the 7th Fleet’s star destroyers, including the Chimaera, were equipped with Eight-barrel towers. Furthermore, the Star Destroyer commanded by Thrawn had two opposite hangars, one located at one end of the ventral docking bay. A large gate can block access to the back bay when not in use.

Among the first missions assigned to the Chimaera we find those aimed at suppressing the first rebel uprisings, of which Lieutenant Karen Farrow was first officer. Thrawn commanded the ship for a time, using his effective tactics to deal with the Empire’s enemies. One of the rebel groups that gained influence at the time was led by a mysterious person known as… “Night swan”. He has been Thrawn’s personal enemy for years, although the two have never met in person.

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there Battle of Patton It is one of the most important things for Thrawn since his arrival in the Empire, and therefore also for the Chimaera. First of all, because it is the stronghold of Night Swan and his rebellious successor. Then why Admiral? Durrellone of his rivals in the Empire, failed to attack with his Star Destroyer the judge. Thrawn repeats Durril’s failed tactic, but on the approach to the island on which the rebel base is located, he protects the Chimaera with three light cruisers, preventing the ground defenses from hitting the Star Destroyer. He then orders the targeting of sensitive points in the ocean, so as to generate a tsunami that submerges areas with rebel defenses. At this point a ground invasion can begin. It is just one of the many occasions that Military genius By Thrawn making a difference.

After the victory at Patton, Thrawn was praised for his behavior and stopping the Night Swan rebel cell. However, Thrawn steadfastly rejected the unnecessary loss of so many civilian lives, even as his career of eliminating rebels and pacifying the sector progressed. Thrawn is promoted to the prestigious rank of Grand Admiral and given command of the Imperial Seventh Fleet, of which Chimaera becomes the new flagship.

Chimaera was later used to locate Rebel base helicopter db. First, the Empire releases large numbers of infiltrating robots EX-D series In the galaxy, someone landed near the helicopter base on planet Earth Atollon. The rebel Garazep Aurelius db He managed to save the base and its precise location, but this process allows Admiral Thrawn to narrow the search area, as he realizes that the rebel base is located on one of the planets of the solar system. Selousare the only ones currently visited by survey bots.

In the meantime, Chimaera is committed to supporting Space Siege on LothalWith the 7th Fleet in an attempt to stop the Specter crew. At this point Thrawn questions several of the officers who were pursuing the crew Domain In charge of rebel operations to join the Chimaera. Among these are Lieut Not, Kalos db, ConstantineGovernor Arihnda Price dbLeader Brom Titus And the captain Bronson.

Listy had recently captured Ezra Bridger, who had disguised himself as a bounty hunter to cover the tracks of Agent Kallus, who had become a spy for the Rebels, known as The Last. fulcrum. While Bridger was being held in Detention Building B7, Thrawn, Constantine, ISB Colonel Wolf Yularen dbKallus and Lysti met in Thrawn’s office. Kallus manages to escape from Birdger, but Thrawn realizes that he is the mole.

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Thrawn traces the transmission from Kallus to the rebels and discovers that the secret base is on Atollon. Thrawn then sends his entire fleet, which also includes two, to the planet Inhibitor cruisersAs well as the Chimera and the rest of the 7th Fleet. With so many ships in orbit, escape becomes impossible for the rebel ships and the fleet is forced to fight an already losing battle from the start.

With the battle in the Empire’s favor, the Rebels retreat to Atollon’s base and activate its shields, thus protecting themselves from… Orbital bombardment Of the imperials. Thrawn responds by sending a Terran strike force to attack the base. Thrawn’s forces manage to enter the base, but before they can capture the rebels, Bindua mysterious and powerful creature strongly linked to the Force, who appears as a Giant stormThis gives the rebels time to escape. It’s about to One of the very few defeats in Thrawn’s military careerwhose genius always allowed him to prevail, even by a certain margin, over every competitor.

After these events, the Chimaera returns to Coruscant db Along with throwing. even ifEmperor Palpatine db He is dissatisfied with Thrawn’s incomplete victory, and does not remove him from command of the Seventh Fleet because the Grand Admiral’s failure was due to factors beyond his control (mainly Bendu). The right hand of the emperor, Darth Vader dbHowever, he does not agree with the Emperor’s vision, who sends both Vader and Thrawn on a mission to… Pato db To investigate the oppression practiced by him Darshi And come on Your gracetwo types come from Unknown areas This Thrawn knows well. The Emperor wants to clearly see the capabilities of some of these species to travel through unknown routes in hyperspace.

Thrawn and Vader’s closest military assets are now located in Chimaera. it is disposable RukhThe Negri, who has powerful hunting abilities and a mechanism that makes him invisible, is among… Commodore Farrow. For his part, the Emperor’s right-hand man bypasses all the rest of the complex political network and has a special forces unit dedicated entirely to him, the… First Legion. Lord Vader relied on the equally famous person Legion 501 To make them his personal squad of stormtroopers. Kimmond He is the fourth commander of the Special Corps unit in the past two years. Two of them were demoted, and the third was summarily executed.

In this case we witness an unforgettable confrontation between Thrawn and Vader. Where Thrawn comes with adversity, the Dark Lord comes with power. The more one relies on planning, the more the other relies on improvisation. For someone without Force sensitivity, Thrawn has the uncanny ability to read or anticipate the thoughts of others. Chimera with Vader and JSteel star tie defender From Thrawn, Grysk attacks and destroys all the forces they sent to Batuu.

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After these episodes, the Seventh Fleet and the Chimera resumed the space blockade of Lothal. Thrawn sends his assistant Rukh to the planet’s surface to retrieve the hyperdrive Elite defending equaliser The rebels stole it. Immediately afterwards, Thrawn was summoned back to Coruscant by Emperor Palpatine to discuss the TIE Defender project in person with Governor Tarkin db. He goes there with the Chimaera while the rest of the 7th Fleet remains in the Lothal garrison. But the captain takes advantage of this situation Hera Syndulla db Who managed to break through the blockade and land on Lothal to rendezvous with the rest of the Specter crew. Syndulla is captured by Governor Price and Jedi agents Kanan Jarrus db He sacrifices his life to save her and the rebels.

Thrawn returns with the Captain Gilad Pellaion db On Lothal to deal a devastating blow to the rebels’ hopes. The Rebels want to gather all the Imperials on Lothal at the planet’s command center to launch it into space to self-destruct. However, before the command center can be launched, Thrawn appears in the system on his Star Destroyer and stops the action, placing himself directly on top of the building. He orders the rebels to surrender and threatens to bomb the city. Ezra predicted this move by Thrawn and He made a plan without everyone knowing,rebels, Gregor And Rex dbalso Sabine And Heraeveryone except Tuesday morning. In fact, he asked the latter to send a message on Zero frequency When the boy initiates the plan, it coincides with the appearance of the Purgills from hyperspace. They hurt Destroying star Who besieges Lothal and takes over Illusion Drag him into hyperspace. Ezra himself, who was lured to the Chimaera by Thrawn, remains on the ship, saying he has no choice and implying that he is forced to follow Thrawn.

The Chimera survives An intergalactic journey The Purrgils lead him along Ancient migration routes Towards the world of Peridia, located in A A galaxy far away. Here it stays in Forced exile For about 5 years, before Thrawn’s apprentice arrived, Morgan Elseth dbWho learned about the existence of the planet through the dreams she was exposed to Great mothers to Dathomir db that exist on this planet, Octropaw db, Clotho db And Lexis db.

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