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Thor: Love and Thunder, the trailer already has an “unenviable” record | Cinema

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There is a reason why, in the headline of this news on Trailer for a movie to Thor: love and thunderwe used quotes for words “Don’t be envious” Because, of course, it is a record “sarcastic” I’m just saying.

We know well then Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessthe upcoming movie of the Cinema Department of “House of Ideas” to be released will be specifically Thor: Love and Thunders. Fans have been asking for weeks and weeks for the first teaser trailer from the blockbuster movie which, however, still makes itself desirable.

Well, as noted before directThe Trailer for a movie to Thor: love and thunder He actually got a record that logically has nothing to do with the number of views in 24 hours and things like that. The newspaper analyzed the gap between the spread of the first trailers of different films Marvel Studios The date of his appearance in the movie. New Feature Film by Taika Waititi – which will be released on July 6 in Italy and July 8 in the US – will therefore be the period that will suggest the shortest period of time between the release of the first trailer and its theatrical debut. So far, there are 91 days left until release in the North American lands. Below you will find a summary table published by the aforementioned site (clearly indicating the dates that the various MCU films arrived in US cinemas).

Yes, but accounts and records aside, when are we going to see the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder? a few days ago, Taika WaititiAnd the Chris Hemsworth And the Tessa Thompson They released an image that could contain evidence of the date the video was posted online. You can read everything there is to know In this article.

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Italian version of the fourth movie dedicated to God of Thunder by Marvel Studios, Thor: love and thunderis scheduled 6 July 2022.

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